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Sjogren's syndrome?

Hi, I am a 20 year old female. I have been experiencing slightly dry mouth, chapped lips, slightly dry eyes, swollen salivary glands (since yesturday only), and dry skin since march of this year. I have also had more sores in my mouth this year. Does this sound like Sjogern's? Or something else? I cannot afford to see a doctor or a dentist at this time. I am uninsured and I am still trying to pay off the bills from my last doctor's visits which is almost $3000. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.
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Yes it does sound like Sjogrens. You should try to have your ANA checked when you are able to get some bloodtests done.
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Of course I'm not a doctor, but I have been diagnosed with Sjogren's. The symptoms you describe are those of Sjogren's, but there are other symptoms that can come along with the disease as well. You would definitely need to get some blood work done to confirm the diagnosis.  

Good luck!
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There is lots of great info on
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What other symptoms do u get with sjogrens?
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Sjogren's symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.  The classic symptoms are dry mouth and dry eyes.  Often the parotid (salivary glands) are involved.  And then it can be joint pain, fatigue, GI problems, and so many others.

I was given the diagnosis of Sjogren's because I tested positive for the Sjogren's antibody (SSA).  I also have a high rheumatoid factor and a positive ANA.  The funny thing is I don't have the classic symptoms like so many other SjS patients.  

I would suggest a thorough examination with a reputable rheumatologist and complete blood work.  You really can't go by symptoms alone to diagnose Sjs.
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As you know just because someone has symtpons does mean that they have the disease. Never self diagnos yourself rely only lab tests and only deal with a doctor who specialzes in thyroid diseases. Alot of times you would be suprised that many doctors are general doctors and have studied some diseases to the minimal. You might think an intern doctor has more experience but your still off better with a specialist. Take the correct panal for thyroid  then you will find out your answer.
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I have Sjogren's and I have all of that also, but not the mild form of dryness. I wish. I had to have a lot of labs done for the diagnosis.

There are over the counter things that help with symptoms of Sjogren's as well as everything you're describing.

I use Sustaine for my eyes (also use a Rx'd med).
For my mouth, Biotene makes a lubircating mouthwash...toothpaste and mouth gel.
For my skin, I use gold bond lotion.
For my hair, I have to use selsum blue or condition frequently.
I drink water frequently. To help prevent those horrible mouth sores, gargle with the biotene after eating acidic foods....or salty foods. I can't eat anything salty or it burns my mouth, but it's hard to avoid all the time.

See a dentist if you can, maybe arrange payments. I have fractured teeth throughout my mouth due to the lack of saliva. They can give you something to protect your teeth from weakening.

With Sjogren's, your GI tract dries out as well....everything that secrets mucus or has a mucosal lining is involved...your GI tract, kidneys, lungs, liver. For my GI tract, over the counter meds I also take are anti acids, anti nausea meds, benefiber. For my liver, I take fish oil tabs...

Okay...overkill here...but there are a lot of over the counter meds if you need symptom relief.

Best wishes-

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