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Someone diagnose me and tell me what is wrong with me

I have had the following issues, most started around age 7

Volvulus-1984 (Bowel Surgery)
Osgood Schlatters-1990
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-1998
TMJ-1995 (shattered articulating disk, surgery 1995 to reconstruct, 2010 disc displacement in both joint, and Osteoarthritis in left joint)
Endometriosis Stage IV-2006 (Laparoscopic, rectal vaginal nodule found, deep endometriosis)  acid reflux before surgery gone after surgery
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease-May 2010
Complicated Migraines-2009-(Aura Migraines 1996-2001, Cluster Migraines 2001-2008)
Stage II spinal subluxation in the neck-(X-Ray 1999)
Thoracic outlet Syndrome-2001-To present
Scoliosis (not severe)-1999-To present
Chronic Sinusitis-2004-2008
Chronic Yeast infections-1991 to Present
Hypoglycemia-2009-To present
Pinched Sciatic Nerve-(started during pregnancy 2003 to present)
Bulimia/Binge eating-1993-present
Contact Dermatitis in the Big Toes-2010 to present
*Possible Gluten intolerance*

I am tired of feeling like a walking problem and there has to be something that is triggering this or something.

can anyone help?
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I have most of those symptoms. I have Sjogren's Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and am being tested for Celiac's Disease. Find a good Rheumy and take them a complete list of your symptoms. Even things that you think are trivial may help them reach a diagnosis. If your parents/siblings/grandparents have medical issues make sure to note that in your list. Also take them all blood work results. If the Rheumy comes up empty handed, get a referral to a good geneticist.
I wish you luck. I know it's scary to KNOW something is wrong and not sure exactly what it is.
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If you have alot of amalgam(mercury) fillings check out mercury poisoning.
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I only ever had 2 mercury fillings that have been replaced over the last 10yrs
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I have tons of symtoms and am bedbound right now. The only thing is I was a severe anorexic/bulimic and everyone promised me all the symtoms would go away once I stopped. So after going to an abussive treatment center for a whole year...another story....Well, I'm fully recovered love my body and my relationship with food continues to improve, but I know my triggers, but have been purge free for almost a year and doubled, and have kept on, my body weght. But my symptoms are still present. I do think, as a RN and a recovering anorexic/bulimic, it's important to remain abstinent for a few days to see what happens to your symtoms. But what you're describing sounds a little similar to my story-a lot of body part can be affected as a result of spine or spinal cord injury-as all of the nerves from the body, going to all the different organs, go there.
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I was reading something I wrote on here 4yrs ago.  I totally forgot until I read it.  When I was 15 I was going to physio for my jaw and at the same time I was getting my shoulder done because I played baseball at the time and funny enough I still have the problem. The physiotherapist at the time touch me somewhere near my lower back and pain shot down my leg and up my back. That is when the pain started.  I have bad sciatica issues and lots of pain in my lower back..
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