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Someone help point me in the right direction.

Seems as of late, I have been hit with the "ugly stick", as many chronic conditions are effecting how i look.  I feel as though some of these things could be linked, but need to know the right questions to ask.  I have seen a dermatologist for my itchy, rashy skin patches that often depigment...i was diagnosed by him with Vitiligo.

I went to a new Doctor of Internal Medicine and as i told her my symtoms she discounted them one by one as all being "genetic".  Really?  Could i be that unlucky in the gene pool?  Anyway i had her run several tests including thyroid function which came back "normal" as she says, and some hormonal ones which did the same.

I am 27 and have two kids.  My youngest is 18 months old and i am still breastfeeding him.

I have:
hive like patches of raised itchy skin which seem to me mirror image on both sides of my body.  It all started on my shins many years ago...first itching....then rashing...then depigmentation.  It stayed in that locale for a long time until the last 2 years when i have had the patches of itching all over.  Most of those areas have not depigmented, so i wonder what is really going on.  I was prescribed Xyzal antihisthamine for the itching, and Vanos topical cream for the areas.   I just read yesterday that VAnos should only be taken for two weeks and I have been using it almost daily for about 4-5 months.

i also have bad facial hair...some dark, some which lacks pigment, but all of it is course (yuck)

In the past several months i have noticed SIGNIFICANT hair loss, and can see my scalp.  (once again, yuck)

the itching is constant and horrible...the ways in which these things effect my appearance is also horrible.

I have poor memory and word recall.  

I have an appointment with an endochronologist this month...are there any tests i should ask him to run?

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