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Something or nothing?

Okay, so in the last year and bit, I've had the following issues (I'm 25y/o male):

1. Lower back pain (poss. from new laptop - seems better since I've got a stand for it)
2. TMJ (poss. related to the above?)
3. Geographic tongue (seems to pop up after alcohol, spicy or acidic food - I think)
4. Skin problems - recurring patches (derm wasn't sure it was but didn't seem concerned)
5. Bowel problems (for last 6 months) - Every now and again, for a few days in a row, I have unshaped stools (colour & digestion normal) which then returns to normal for a few weeks until the cycle starts again. No pain, no diarrhea, just urgency when I wake up. There seems to be no pattern, food wise to this and likewise, it doesn't seem like an infection.
6. GERD (or something like it - mainly when I eat fish, but very occassionally with other foods).

Last November I had a CBC which was all normal. Full negative STD panels well outside of any window periods.
I don't "feel ill" or anything like it - I just seem to have these ailments.

Have been to my GP, but only with regards to individual ailments.

Anyone got any ideas / possibilities / similar symptoms?

Thanks for the help.
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