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Steroid Treatment

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis about a year ago.  My endocrinologist did think that I need any medication.  I thought that I should just act tougher and that maybe it was mind over matter.  So now it's been a year and I still am exhausted, can't seem to lose weight, feeling depressed every now and then.  I have a beautiful little boy at home and a wonderful husband and feel like this disease is preventing me from spending quality time with my family.  I heard of someone having a series of steroid treatments... ever heard of such a thing?  Any other recommendations for treatments.  I am desperate at this point.  I also have three tumors on my neck which don't make things any easier.  Say a little prayer for me.  I have blood-work and a follow up in the next month.
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I am not sure what is going on with you.  You say you were dx'd with Hashimotos but didn't go on meds.  right?  Why didn't you get a second opinion?  It sounds like you may need another Endo.  An Endo is not the only doctor who can treat this condition as your family doctor should be fully capable.  Have you talked to your family doc about this?  Have you continued to have your thyroid tested?  If so, what is your level now and if not then I would say you definitely need to.  When you have a thyroid problem you have to be on med to get it under control .  It doesn't take care of itself on its own.  I don't know what you doc was thinking ..... or maybe that is the problem... he obviously wasn't.  If I misunderstood your statement then pls correct me but this is what I understood you to say.  I have never heard of steroids for thyroid treatment.  I am sure whomever had the steroid treatment was probably treating something besides thyroid cause that just doesn't make sense to me.  Good Luck!
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Thank you for your response.  I am currently seeking another opinion.  I had my bloodwork done this morning.  However, I am astounded that the Endo. that diagnosed me did not put me on medication immediately.  I felt like I trusted him to do his job right and fell in between the cracks.  I am currently seeing an Internalist at Cleveland Clinic in South, FL.  I just pray that she can help me in some way.  I am really started to get so down about living this way.  

Why wouldn't the Endo. put me on meds if HE was the one who dx'd me??
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I am sorry you are having such a difficult time.  Having a thyroid issue can affect you in many ways including fatigue, depression and many other symptoms.  I would suggest checking out Armour for your Hashimoto's.  Ask you doctor about it but conventional doctor will probably want to put you on a synthetic thyroid drug.  I have heard very goodd things about Armour and I am about to start taking it myself.  You need medication.  You cannot just be tough and a disease will go away.  I too believe in mind over matter to a point.  I think it cannot always be achieved and not by everyone.  Please get on medication and a natural one like Armour will be so much better for you than a synthetic one but like I said your doctor probably will want to put you on a synthetic one.  If you really want to know more about Armour, find a compounding pharmacy in your area and call them and ask them what doctor they would refer you to that sends them business.  The more natural you can go is always best if you ask me.
God Bless,
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Thank you Joni.  I will most definitely check into it.  I am meeting with my internalist in two weeks for a follow-up.  I am hoping that she will be able to treat me.  Why do you think that my Endocrinologist did not prescribe me something immediately??  I have Hashimoto's and three tumors in my neck..... any guess.  

I am loving this forum.  I feel like I have real support from people that I don't even know.

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It is beyond me why your doc would not prescribe you meds for your thyroid and it is even more beyond me as to why they were going to prescribe steroids to treat it. Hmmm... we may never know the answer to this.  I am sure this doctor will get you taken care of especially if they are at the Cleveland Clinic.  I wish i could go there!  Good Luck!
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I agree with you, I love this as well.  We seem to get real people with real problems and they also offer a lot of support in return.  I love some of the friends I have made and I have never met any of them.

I don't understand why your Endo. would not have started you on a treatment for your thyroid if you have Hashimoto's.  I did a little research online for you and there are instances when Prednisone is used in Hash. Thyroiditis.  It is when he feel the antigens are attacking your thyroid.  It can also lead to a more serious problem and I am going to post a site here but I don't know if it will let me.  Look at fohttp://thyroid.about.com/od/relatedconditions1/a/sreat.htmrum
Hopefully it will let you see the site I posted but if not google Hashimoto's Encephalopathy.  I don't think you had this unless you had symptoms you didn't mention.  But I do think now that I have researched that getting on Prednisone or steroid treatment would have helped you.  Now when you say you have tumors in your neck are you talking about nodules on you thyroid?  Did you have an ultrasound or barium swallow done to find them?  Do you know the size?  Sometimes they do not bother with them unless they are of a certain size or larger.  I am not making excuses for that other doctor but there may have been some reasoning there.  BUT he should be watching you and making sure they aren't growing and maybe even a biopsy.
That's my unexpert opinion.  lol  I hope it helps.  Please let me know how you are.  I will say a prayer for you.
god Bless,
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