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Tested positive for Anti Smooth Muscle autoantibody

My doctor has just told me that a recent blood tests has come back positive for the following:

Anti Smooth Muscle Autoantibody
anti-nuclear factor
antimitochondrial antibody
parietal cells
reticulin R1 Autoantibody

I have been ill for 4 years with possible MS or Lupus. I did have one ANA lupus come back positive but the second one was negative. I have had stuff on MRI inconclusive, Lumbur puncture showed lots of O Bands but also inflammation in my blood, positive VEP test for optical neuritis in both eyes (bilateral). I am deteriorating and dont feel good anymore terrible pains in my legs and my feet and fatique.

Now this test has come back positive, but my GP has said there is no liver problem as my bloods show good liver results  as ASMA is an indicator for autoimmune hepititis. (Funny enough I had hepititis when I was young).

She said that the neurologist has asked for me to see a reumatologist now.

Could the above be a pointer for Lupus?
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