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This can't be all from Hashimotos, can it ?

Ok, so I was Dx with Hashimoto's about two months ago and put on Levothyroxine.  I have an appointment with a new doc on April 1st (long story, but been having problems with finding a doctor who can/will treat me).  Well, I am on 100mcg of Levothyroxine, and don't feel all that much better. I have slightly more energy, but I am still having random symptoms.   Here is kind of a timeline of my symptoms.  I am so frustrated, as this has been going on for about two years.  I am so tired of being sick. This is my symptom timeline..  Can all these symptoms be from the Hashimotos?
I just want to feel better, and honestly want my life back.

June/August 2006:

Quit Smoking (smoker for 10 years)
•Oral Surgery (Wisdom teeth) * Slow, painful recovery – symptoms began: Excrutiating headaches, Vision disturbances, Sinus problems, stabbing pains up left side of face, extreme exhaustion, cannot sleep enough (Followed up with my surgeon, exam and x-rays showed no abnormalities in healing)

September 2006 – April 2007
• Profuse sweating despite temperature
• hot/cold sweats
• migraines
• TMJ/tooth grinding
• neck stiffness
• constant re-occurring infections (mostly strep & sinus, continuous antibiotics, no lasting help.)
• energy decreased further
• waves of nausea (seemingly random)
• severe light sensitivity
• droopy left eye (almost partly paralyzed), occasional pulsating of left eye
• memory starts to decline, easily confused, easily distracted
• heart palpitations (saw cardiologist, heart is in perfect condition).
• Dx with insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) and put on Januvia.
• Switched from Januvia to Actos
• Hungry all the time, weight gain
• Switched from Actos to Metformin 500mg 2/Day
• Little improvement in symptoms, not much
• Vision gets really bad, depth perception problems very debilitating and affecting my driving
• Skin begins to burn and itch
• Develop severe restless leg syndrome
• Muscle pain and weakness so severe it hurts to move
• Feet & ankles swelling often
• Short term memory severely impaired
• Ringing in ears
• Pins and needles feeling in feet/toes, constantly getting bruises/cuts, not knowing how/when
• Always at the Emergency Care Clinic, sick non-stop: infections, strep throat, sinus problems, canker sores, etc.

April 2007 – October 2007

• Start going to doctors regularly
o Doctor finds no major abnormalities, refers me to an allergist (allergy tested – normal)
o Xrays, CT Scans – normal  
o ENT  blood work okay, ANA negative
o Develop constant lingering bitter/metallic taste in my mouth
o Acid reflux gets worse
o Blood sugars not controlled, often very low
o Metformin decreased from 500mg AM & PM to 500 MG AM
o Begin taking ibuprofen or Tylenol to function through the day (control pain, headaches, inflammation)
o Start seeing ENT in medical center
o Tonsillectomy October 2007
o Slow painful recovery
o Sore throat never went away after surgery
o On and off post-nasal drip  

December 2008-Current
o Dx with Autoimmune Thyroiditis after thyroid ultrasound and evidenced hypothyroid in blood work, otherwise blood work mostly normal
o Dental work, aggravated TMJ, headaches, neck stiffness, facial pain
o Hot flashes, on and off fever
o Random nausea, occasional vomiting
o Energy decreased
o Bowl problems (bowl urgency or constipation, irregular/abnormal patterns, not well digested)
o Small pin sized bumps on skin, occasionally itchy and inflamed
o Generally just don’t feel well, ever …
o Hand & Feet Severe Pain, Cold/Sweaty Toes
o Body/muscle aches increase (Pretty constant, but gets worse with cold weather)
o Continuous post nasal drip, non stop despite medication and nose sprays
o Sore throat (steady since late October 2007)
o Left eye feels gritty and like there’s pressure on it  
o Occasional difficulty breathing, feel throat closing

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Hi Jssica_Elizabeth you have described different types of migraines (which I get too) such as hemiplegic migraine and cluster headaches.  People with hypothyroidism are also prone to sinusitis.  Flush out your nasal passages with salty water - not so messy done in the shower.

Sorry to say your autonomic nervous system seems to be taking a dive like mine is.

The pins and needles in the toes are a result of poor circulation.  My toe nails keep crumbling off.  Lovely.

Take magnesium supplements to help with the muscle pain - take the maximum amount and see the difference.  Also omega 3 oil capsules will help to improve the condition of nasal passages.

Sorry have to go, it's 10.41 pm here and I haven't done my dishes.  More later.
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Hi.  Yes, your list looks like my list.  I was long term undiagnosed Hashimoto's and had most of your symptoms and more.  I, like you, got only slight improvement on T4 medication only.  I was so bad I was sure I must have had something else.  However after taking T4/T3 combination I began to improve.  Now after 18 months on the combo I'm feeling pretty good....almost normal.  Only get bad days now and then.  I found that when I started to improve my sore throat abated and now I rarely have that.  The blurred vision stuff would happen easily after eating when I was at my lowest....but when the meds are improved then I can tolerate more foods.  My pins and needles I think are due to both Hashimoto's and low B12.  Low B12 is usually a problem for us so have a good look into that.  Low B12 will cause a swollen tongue too.  I think my TMJ got worse on the T4 medication.  Now I've lowered the T4 and added the T3 the TMJ is mostly gone.  I believe the T4 caused the burning skin too.  I did not have that pre medication....but it's a killer sliding off the car seat!  The eye pressure and gritty screams that your medication is not right....but I could not recommend upping the T4!  I found the eyes are the first indicators when my meds are not right.  Now on T3 my heart palps have almost disappeared whereas I had them for 11 years prior to dx and constantly whilst on T4 meds only...but now they've gone and only occasionally appear until I take the T3.  The ringing in your ears would mean I'd be severely hypoT along with the stiff neck.  I get those when I'm really bad.  I know it's early days for you with the T4 medication, but please don't wait too long to get something else if you don't feel better in another few weeks.  Even getting some T3 for the short term may help you.  I just found that T4 took forever and in the end didn't work for me. And yes, the thyroid affects your whole body and sounds like you've been hypoT for quite a while.  Best wishes.
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Looked thru your list of symptoms and diagnoses.  I found it peculiar that you were diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis but there was no mention of a TPO (thyroid perioxidase) test.  You really need to have a TPO to confirm anti-thyroid antibodies.

Your bowel issues could be from food intolerances.  Some of the symptoms you describe are classic gluten intolerance, which is much more common than the medical profession lets on.  I would urge you to at least get a gliadin antibody test.  Better yet, use the EnteroLab.com testing if you can afford it, to see if you have multiple intolerances.

You might want to take a look at my health history, which is a more-or-less classic case of gluten enteropathy leading to Hashimoto's and malnutrition.

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The Symptoms that you have described can be related to the Disease. If you look up on Google Hashimotos Disease there are is an array of symptoms. But, depending on your age thises symptoms can mimic Perimenoupause and or even Menopause as well. I Had sweating, palpatations, Insomnia, tremors, Goiter, (Thyroiditis) Dry skin, Irractic Periods, Fatigue and tiredness, before I was Diagnosed with Blood work and a Uptake 123 test. On yeh not to mention Brain foggy ness. Light sensativity, and I lost 7 pounds. My hair was falling out and I had NO libido. I will be 50 in May. So there are a whole slew of symptoms one can experience with this Disease. It is aloso Hereditary (gene) carried from one parent to the child. There are may Autoimmune diseases. I wish you luck in your Journey. It seems like it all comes at once but, pay attention the Doctor, get your bllod work when needed and any test they may want you to have. You are not alone there are many woman out there with this disease and they battle everyday to get the levels correct. I started out with Thyroiditis, (Hyperthyroid) and my Doctor said I WILL go into Hypo... when she does not exactly know. I need more labs to determin my latest status. But, She said I have Hashimotos Disease.
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I notice that many Hashimoto patients (including myself) have mentioned TMJ and previous dental work.  One extremely missed cause of  some of the symptoms mentioned is high levels of mercury floating around due to old dental work.  Have often wondered if this could be sparking the auto-immune system into action, lowering one's immunity and causing allergic reactions.
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Have you had any adrenal testing?
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Most of your symptoms could be caused by our thyroid condition. It take a long time to feel better with a thyroid condition after medication has been started  doses may need adjusting a good way to check if your thyroid is under control is to run a temperature test in the morning the second you wake up if it is low, your thyroid problem is not properly controlled.  

The bowel problems could be  IBS..

There is also an autoimmune disorder called Myasthenia Gravis you are more at risk from this disease as you have Hiroshimas disease this causes muscle weakness and can effect just your eye muscle  but also other muscles .   It would be worth getting this checked by an eye specialist.  As your eye feels gritty it may be you have thyroid eye disease.  

Acid reflux, metallic taste in your mouth and pins and needles pains in your face could be hiatus hernia.  But pins and needles are also a common symptom with thyroid disorders.

The other thing I would say which your Doctor wont agree with is that IBS symptoms, restless leg syndrome and tooth grinding can be a sign of worm infestation so you can look into an alternative health care for that if you choose.  
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I have alot of the same problems that you have. However, I wasn't diagnosed for quite some time because I was also going through menopause and the symptoms were quite the same as hashimotos. Besides being tired all of the time, I just can't figure out why that I have so much pain in my feet and hands. My Endo has yet to give me an answer that is satisfactory. Muscle cramps in the legs are always a problem because it prevents me from excercising the way I should, and that is what makes me gain weight. I've been going through it all for the past three years. Also had a total thyroidectomey due to papilary carcimona. I'm on my second Endocrinologist, and I'm about to say good bye to him real soon. Whenever I tell him how I feel, he tells me that the 150 mcg. of synthroid should take care of it. Yeah, right,.....3 yrs. later and no change. I do hope that you find out something soon and maybe share your info with all of us who are feeling so miserable. Best of luck.
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Just want to know if you have recently been to your Endo for anymore blood work and if there has been any change in the way that you are feeling?
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Sounds like you had undiagnosed full-fledged diabetes for a while, and finally switched doctors who put you on metformin.  Side effects include digestion-gas problems, for which I've been trying a 2-wk supply of Activia yogurt, helps some.  Many of us hypo's seem to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome  anyway.  

I too have some small pin-size bumps, on my itchy scalp, don't know if that's thyroid, my shampoo, or a side effect of whatever.

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If you have foot and ankle  tingling, since you  have insulin resistance,  in addition to the swelling in your feet, although you didn't mention it, this could be long-term damage Neuropathy..  Cinnamon capsules are available at health food stores, which  are  so helpful  for the tingling, which, at least in my case, mean  I've recently eaten a meal and blood glucose is up.   I take a couple of them and soon get relief.   Tingling also happens  with soreness when I've just been on my feet too much,  if  I feel it  upon rising in the morning.  

My  mistake,  waiting too long to have  a  dilated  eye  exam with a  good  retina specialist,  since  diabetes  is  such  a  "sneaky  disease".  It  was  how  I was dx'd as diabetic, eye damage.   I didn't know to look for a woman  retina specialist, a  good opthamologist  who  does  cataract surgeries  can  recommend, until  proliferative retinopathy damage, tiny rogue  blood vessels that can cause blindness if negelcted.  
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Could you have trigeminal nerve damage from wisdom extraction?
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Sorry to butt in with this but I am having some health concerns including Hives, (big time) and it came on with the other issues after Dental work I also took Penicillin ,and a lot of Advil for Pain, the dentist used Nova caine and the fillings for Root canals I am researching Allergies,but have also wondered if the stress from the Dental work (it was horrible) could have caused some Thyroid problem, any ideas I have found the Allergy site terrific so am looking atound for further ideas, I cant take anti histimines which is all I have been prescribed.
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the hives could be allergic reaction and or stress, I have been a thyroid pt. for years,   hypo or hyper thyroid are auto-immune,

what makes you think its thyroid?? my symptoms where basically i was drying out, my hair was falling out, skin very dry, constipated, vaginal dryness, also wieght gain, lack of sexual desire, mild depression .. simple synthroid has cured all this for me,

Maybe you should go to dr, for some routine blood work, that can tell alot about histamine levels,and thyroid function   good luck hope you feel better soon. Cherie
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I am guessing but I think you have 3 things going on, you do have alot of Hasimotos symptoms, but Im wondering how old you are sounds like you got some menopause going on,,,if not your female hormones seem to be out of normal ranges,,,,Im thinking you should see an ent, ear, nose and throat specialist as well as you gyn.  best of luck
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I have a lot of your symptoms too.  I am being tested for various autoimmune disorders.  You may certainly have more than one disorder.  (I take Synthroid and cinnamon for diabetes that is otherwise diet-controlled, but am hungry and gain weight. Can't move around much though due to pain. The part about your eye sounds a lot like Multiple Sclerosis. Just an observation you may want to share with your doctor.  I'm having an MRI to determine if I have this.  I wish you better health in the future.  Those who are healthy take it for granted (like I used to!).
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Yes, I think all of it could be related to the Hashimotos.  You have probably gotten all of this figured out by now since your original post was two years ago ~ but I have recently been experiencing the same symptoms and finally found a homeopathic MD (yes, there are such people!) who put me on a low dose of T3 to start.  (I am guessing he will add T4 at some point.)  Apparently some of us do not convert T4 to T3 with ease and so adding in that T3 can really help with the symptoms of Hashimotos, and not just our lab numbers.  In the short time I have been on T3, I have watched my list of symptoms which included basically all of yours including the light sensitivity, nausea, dizziness, cold hands and feet, terrible indigestion and bowel difficulties, sinus problems and post nasal drip, headaches, exhaustion, depression, anxiety and weakness in legs all resolve.  The only remaining symptom I have at the moment is tingling in my legs.  I would highly recommend finding a holistic doctor that will work with you. It can be hard to do but you can find recommendations through Mary Shomon's website.  They can help you get started with EPA-DHA, Magnesium and other supplements to support your immune system.  Take care and I hope you are feeling much better soon!  
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I've been able to reduce  almost ALL of  my symptoms( my original list was as long if not longer than yours) and medication ( am on compounded armour-now that the FDA is trying to close down the "natural thyroid" medicine makers like FORREST) by beginning to replace my amalgam/mercury fillings...drinking a juice high in antioxidants and sterified fatty acids ( which actually take the mercury out of the body) and change my diet..

My antibody numbers for the Hashimoto's is dropping( was over 3000 now at about 1700) while the amount of medication I'm taking is also decreasing( was on 180 mg. currently at 90 mg).  Most medical professionals believe that the only way to reduce the antibody numbers is to increase the thyroid medication.  That has NOT been true for me. I chose to LOOK for the CAUSE..not just deal with the symptoms...although in the beginning all I wanted to do or could do was look for relief from the symptoms. ( as most of us here need and want to do..then look for the cause)

I would suggest you read three books...these will help greatly in your understanding of what is happening to you. I still refer to them.

The Autoimmune Epidemic by Nakazawa
The China Study
Fasting and Eating for Health by Dr. Fuhrman M.D.

These will go a very long way to start you on a journey of health and not disease.

Good luck to you.
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Anyone on this board..this thread who has had wisdom teeth removal or root canals need to look up Hal Huggins (dentist)....and buy and watch the DVD The Beautiful Truth...these two things alone will EXPLAIN so many of your symptoms :-)  finally some real answers.

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I have been struggling with Autoimmune Disorders for the past 10 years.  It took quite a few years to even be diagnosed (Nov. 2003), then a few more years of medication to figure out that they may be doing more harm than good.  After cleaning up my diet (eating more organic fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods with preservatives, msg, hormones....) and cleaning up my environment (stopped using chemicals in my yard and home) plus making sure I got the proper rest and exercise, I was able to get rid of almost all of my ailments.  I truly believe that cleansing all the toxins out of your body is the key to health and wellness.  And I don't feel like I have been able to totally do that.  Hashimotos was just added to my list of autoimmune disorders and I feel like I could have avoided it if I would have totally cleansed my system.  I have felt, through the years, that my body hasn't been able to totally heal because of the mecury fillings but have not found the courage and strength to spend the money to have them removed.  Amy, do you recommend a Holistic Dentist to replace fillings and do you know of one that is covered by insurance?
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  i have been so sick for about 15 years and the doctors can't seem to find what's wrong with me ,i am so frustrated,I'm always so tired and have headaches every day with constipation with pale stools with sore joints and very baand i have d arthritis with cold hands and feet with bad allergies.My daughter was diagnosed with hashimotos about 5 years ago but every time i go for blood work it seems to come back normal .My tongue also has a white coating on it .If somebody has something similar and has an idea what it could be i would appreciate an answer.Thanks,
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have you read the book Stop The Thyroid Madness?  There is a web site by this name as well and you can get immediate great information from it that  will help you so much. I am struggling to help my 11 year old daughter to feel better after 7 years of not being diagnosed.  We caught her last year finally with a TSH of 261, and now we are trying to find the optimal combination of T4 and T3. I hope you feel better soon..
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get off all grains, get the books: going against the grain by melissa diane smith, and the food lovers make it paleo cookbook.  i think you may have a thyroid problem (i am not a doctor but have seen all these symptoms in family members) and at least a gluten intolerance if not a sensitivity to all grains.  my mom's arthritis went completely away after 3 days of being grain free (completely-you have to look at labels like crazy, for instance ice tea with high fructose corn syrup will sabotage you, the corn being a grain).  and find a doctor who will try t4/t3 combo on you to see if it can help you.  look at the stopthethyroidmadness web site to see your symptoms and problems there. also you may have thrush or a yeast problem?  good luck!
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This list reads like the story of my life!! Seen 11 specialist in the past year and not a single one can explain why my body seems to hate me.:( Dx with Hashimoto's about a year and a half ago. I have tried every thing, but it has gotten to the point were I am sick on a daily basis. I am only 28 and this is ruining my life..
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