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Thrush. Weakened Immune System. Alopeica

I recently have had my first Alopecia Areata bout. It was discovered in May of 2009 with a single spot at the back of my head (right-hand side). Since May 09, I have had 7 more areas appear.  I am having Cortisone injections in the areas once a month and using a topical form every other day on the areas.
I am on the pill (same one for the last 6 years), B 12, Cranberry, Chinese Womens Heath vitamin, Executive B Stress Forumla, Acidophilus vitamins/supplements daily.

Corresponding with my discovery of my alopecia in May 09 I was also diagnosed and treated for thrush (genital region).  At the time I had attributed it to a weaken immune system after some major changes in my life. It was only recently after ongoing episodic thrush outbreaks and further study have I read that due to my immune disorder (alopecia) that I am more susceptible to thrush outbreaks.

I have tried so many things to get rid of it.  Topical creams ( 2 types), cranberry juice/ tablets, increased water intake, Diflucan tablets and I practice overall cleanliness and avoid synthetic underwear.

This is becoming debilitating.  I really need to get rid of this.
Please help.
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You need to change your diet and your lifestyle.
I had a car accident a year ago..by May of this year I shaved my head because I didn't have much left.  I have Telogen Effluvium NO HAIR ANYWHERE on my body and just in the last 2 weeks have had come back on my head.

Dealing with illness, autoimmune issues and such is NOT easy and you must gain an understanding of health and wellness.  I began my search and research over two years ago connecting with people who were WELL and healthy and happy.  Talking and seeing what they did in their lives.  Then moved on to people who had/have what I have and what they are doing to heal.  I am staring a board about autoimmune disease in yahoo , a place where I can post everything I've learned and am doing personally and continue to learn about.  MOST boards won't let you post EVERYTHING..they have rules and regulations about "the whole story".

Have you had a mineral test done? a saliva/cortisol test and recent blood work?
Which kind of doctors are you presently seeing?
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Hi there,

Thanks for your message.  Firstly, congrats on the news that your hair is starting to regrow back.  I know how traumatic it can be to go through to have your hair fall out, I can only imagine the strength you have needed to rebuild yourseld physically after a car accident.

To answer your questions, I am currently seeing a general practitioner/internal medicine doctor, a dermotologist and a natropath.
I am only new to America, through marriage based immigration.  I am still trying to find a doctor/dermotolgist, OBGYN in my area that are reputable.  The last 6 months have been spent trying to find doctors that arent just money hungry and ready to prescribe the first thing that they think of.

I havent had a mineral test done.  Is there a type of clinic that would do these tests? I have had complete blood work done, along with hormone, thyroid tests etc.

Thanks for your message, look forward to hearing from you.

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I would think that the Naturopath could do them.
The doctor I am currently working with will work with you long distance.
Their website is www.restorativeendocrinology.com
My Dr. is Doctor Doris Compton.
The mineral test is done with hair or nails..I had to use nails for mine..they can mail it to your house and you cut your nails/hair and send it away.  Same for the Cortisol test..they will mail you the test..you conduct the test..mail it and then the Dr. ( which ever one you choose to use) will help you with the results and set up a protocol for you.

One of the things we found out with my mineral test was that I am very low in all the minerals and protein that i need to actually grow hair.

The guess is ( because my case is really a bizzare case) that i was depleated in these minerals and protein BEFORE the accident and when the accident happened my body needed EVERYTHING I had and MORE to try and heal the damage done in the accident and so whatever was growing my hair at that time was needed elsewhere in the body.  Does that make sense?  When she explained it to me, it made total sense.  So I am now on a protocol to bring those minerals back in and protein..and we'll see where we are in a few months.

Dietary changes take longer than drugs, but are so much better for you in the long run..because it's actually building your health and not tear ing it down as so many drugs do.

What does your diet consist of?

Remember any diseased state of the body is respresentative of an imbalance( like your trush is an overgrowth of yeast, you just need to rebalance, stop eating sugar that the yeast feeds on is the first step there)...the trick is to rebalance and in most cases it is not too tough to correct what's gone wrong.  Many times it IS as simple as figuring out what to eat and not eat.  For instance many people cannot tolerate wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy, animal protein...

Get back to me when you can.
Enjoy your day.
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Acidophilus helps a lot of people keep thrush under control.  You can either eat a lot of yogurt, or take acidophilus as a supplement.  My mom gets it around her mouth a lot (from another autoimmune disease); after a couple days of taking acidophilus, it goes away.
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HI there,

Thanks for your suggestions.
As a side effect of Alopecias is nail "pitting".  What is interesting is that I have always had (though minor), nail pitting in some of my finger nails.  Manicures and nail polish often cover this, though as a child it was only minor.  Leading up to my alopecia discovery I noticed an increase in nail pitting and too a diagnosed thursh outbreak (which, I am still trying to get under control).
I am a vegetarian.  Always have been. I do eat diary (yoghurt daily, some cheese and some eggs).  I am lactose intolerant with Milk.
I generally eat well, my indulgences are not daily. :) I now live in America and I do find that I have to be careful of what I eat because there seems to be a lot more sugars and fats in products here.
I also take daily Acidophilus tablets.

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