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UNEXPLAINED Itchy Rash Phenomenon... HELP!!!

It started three days ago on the nape of my neck one morning when woke up, at first it was mild itching with tiny pink bumps... and then the itch got worse and worse... then similar cluster appeared on my left upper arm--along with the same type of rough pink reddish bumps. My right upper arm is not affected (at least not yet).

A couple of hours later the itchy bumps appears on my upper back with pink reddish rough hard bumps all over... then later the itch on the upper back and nape of my neck stop--but all the bumps remains the same.

Shortly afterwards, a small 3 inches patch of reddish itchy bumps appeared on my right chest area right above the armpit. Hours later the same exact thing happened to my thigh and lower back area. That same night new reddish clusters with reddish bumps appeared on my inner tighs and buttock area, both are inflamed and extremely itchy on and off.

The itchy bumps are random in shapes (no puss, no water content, no blister), each bump is hard and it does not contain any liquid... and NO- the bumps don't have uniformed patterns like "chicken skin" (or Keratosis Pilaris). This whole ordeal is extremely disturbing and traumatic because my skin had always been flawless until 3 days ago! I've never even had any pimples my whole life!

I consider myself a pretty healthy female; I never smoke, I have zero soda intake, no alcohol, no drugs... although I admit I've been living an unhealthy life (not enough bottled-water, sleep deprived, sometimes no food/water for days in a row)

*My dietary intake is usually random: raw kale, cabbage, brocolli, beets, avocado, cilantro, garlic, onions, tomato, parsley, eggs, tea with Splenda only (lots of Splenda but no regular refined sugar), plain non-fat yoghurt, very rarely eat meat, very rarely eat fruits (due to its sugar content).

This crazy rash is now spreading all over my body in different sizes, small medium and large. The bumps seem to raise in size only when I scratch certain itchy area (*It's so itchy there's no way to handle it without scratching so the bumps instantly resize on and off whenever the itching sensation return to certain area)

The other reddish bumpy areas remain highly visible eventhough the itching sensation in those area temporarily disappeared, on and off within hours.

I have never had any allergic reaction to anything before. I had been exposed to heavy tanning in the past (both indoor and outdoor) but that was several years ago, and none of that recently.

*Lifestyle changes: I do not have any lifestyle changes recently. No changes in laundry detergent - clothes -fabric - soaps - shampoo or anything like that. No bug bites (at least not that I know of).

*Medications: I don't like taking medications. I have never been prescribed any meds or even the smallest dose of antidepression in my entire life. (I do get depressed from time to time during PMS cycle but nothing too severe, I'm also used to live in high stress and high anxiety environment)

*Personal hygiene: I always take a shower at least TWICE a day (it's a habit since childhood). Bathroom is always highly disinfected with Clorox and such. I do not wear latex product, pantyhose, tight clothes. I hardly ever sweat.

To combat the extreme itching sensation I am currently using topical analgesic ("clear formula itch relief" similar to Caladryl purchased from CVS pharmacy). The result is very helpful but it only provides "temporary relief" (1-2 hours max) -- in certain area the cluster becomes light pink with somewhat disappearing bumps (the bump flatten a little) when the itching sensation slows down -- in other areas such as around the nape of my neck and my upper back the clusters remain bumpy when less itchy (*the itchy bumps and the reddish/pink spot has not disappeared permanently)

I've cut all my finger-nails EXTRA short from day one to prevent skin ruptures, bleeding and/or scaring during scratching. Whenever I scratch the itchy area I always make sure to "massage" the area in circular motion only, most of the times I "scratch" the area using my knuckles-- but somehow in "some" area the cluster pattern showed up in strange shapes like thick criss-cross "lines" with tiny raised bumps precisely lining up on each individual line!) -- in other area such as on my upper arm (the outer part of my left bicep) the tiny reddish bumps look like some thick diaper rash with scattered bumps with no "lines.

TODAY, there is a new itchy reddish cluster with tiny bumps in the middle of my mid-back section, my left and right under armpit area... AND a small cluster on my forehead! I am really terrified if it spread all over my face!

Just like the first clusters on the nape of my neck, upper back, and upper-arm... those recent raised itchy bumps also showed up before I "scratch" them... then, just like others the bumps flatten a little when the itching sensation temporary subsides and raised again when the area starts to get very itchy again within hours.

I am so sorry to rant and ramble on and on about my rash... they are not super gross looking and they don't have blisters or puss or anything like that... but the reddish patches are traumatic and the itchy sensation is INSANE!!!!!

I really don't know what to do with this... I saw online people with similar symptoms like mine also have been extremely frustrated with this unexplained phenomenon... almost all of them got misdiagnosed by Dermatologists...

I've been researching online and found a bunch of articles, but none is really "dead on" accurate with the symptoms that I am experiencing:
Polymorphic light eruption?
Keratosis Pilaris?
Systemic Lupus?
Celiac Disease?

Doctors have been blaming my symptoms on "stress" and medical centers would instantly prescribe temporary relief with steroid injection -- which I am really trying to avoid.

PLEASE HELP ME... I don't know what I have and I am going crazy!!!

Any insights and advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
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Dear Kat:
This sounds very miserable! I also have had unexplained rashes that move around and just generally drive me crazy. They were usually some allergen that I had touched or ingested. It sounds like you already thought of that and didn't find an answer.  Look at contact liquid, make-up and face creams/lotion too. It could be a cleaning product. Make sure you rinse the shower/bath before you get in.

Some helpful things to fight the symptoms that have helped me are as follows.

Take an oatmeal bath. Aveeno has one you can buy or you can just use oatmeal in the tub. I put the oatmeal in an old nylon knee hi sock, so it doesn't leave oatmeal in the drain. Throw the nylon in the tub and move it through the water until it is fully wet and squeeze the mixture to let it release the soothing gel. Pat dry and repeat as needed.

I use Benadryl creme or lotion directly on the rash this has helped me more than steroid creme. You can do it 3 times a day. If you are taking Benadryl orally you can't do the creme or lotion too. On or the other is all you should do.

I have also used one of those cool packs that you keep in the freezer. Just don't over do on any one area. It will numb the itching for a while too.

I would also suggest NAET acupuncture. Go on line to see more info about that. We were greatly helped by getting "cleared" of allergens that way but it takes time.

Are you seeing an Allergist? That can also be helpful but, again it will take time and their first choice will be to use a steroid.

Is it possible you touched poison ivy or oak?

Hopefully someone else will have other ideas.
Good luck,
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Thank you so much for your kind comment, Elbamom. I really appreciate your genuine concerns. No, I haven't gone outside my house for 2 weeks prior to the rash attack (*not even gone to grocery-shopping...)

No Yard Work
No Poison-Ivy
No Oak
No Alcohol
No Wine
No Beehives anywhere nearby
No strange food or change of dietary (in fact, during the last week prior the rash attack I was actually fasting with completely zero food intake, only tea and water)

The itchy migrates from one clusters to another. Some areas have just little hard reddish-bumps all over (no pus, no liquid, no exposed wound). Strangely, the rest of the clusters have visible crazy lines in random criss-cross pattern. They are all prickly, stinging and very itchy!

I have tried multiple solutions found online:
-- Benadryl (*helps a little since it just knocks me out!)
-- Loratadine (*not very effective, temporary relief)
-- Oatmeal bath powder (zero effect)
-- Dr. Booner's Peppermint liquid soap (it feels so good after shower, but after 20 minutes the itch comes back with vengeance because the soap stripped the skin moisture)
-- Coconut oil (it helps moisturize the dry skin, but it won't get rid of the rash, plus it's hellish trying to scratch oily surface, painful and very uncomfortable!)

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I would give the benadryl creme or lotion a try then and see it that helps. I hope the others on this site can give some other practical ideas.

Wishing you better heath soon!
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Hi Kat, sorry to hear  for all your skin issue.

While the primary concern seems to be to remedy this skin reaction ASAP, the root cause(s) might be of even a greater concern!

I practice "Allergy Antidotes" which is very similar to NAET (as Eve mentioned) which is a drug free Energy Medicine Therapy, with a very good
and safe record, in treatment of allergies and other imbalances.

But before you research this as a possible therapy, please read on.

Having read your comments, I noticed that you take a certain amount of splenda, very little fat intake and very little meat. What are your sources of
protein, why the total avoidance of sugar and why the very low fat intake?
The fat and oils in diet are absolutely vital for ones health.
The following vitamins are only fat soluble: A,D,E and K. One can be very deficient in those on a very low fat diet.
Depression and issues mental health are linked to low fat diets, specially
regarding EFAs, that the body cannot manufacture.
My wife is a Dietician and she recommends 25% of calories or more!
should be from quality fats and oils.
Your skin condition could be a form of dermatitis, which would be consistent with  a deficiency in Arachadonic Acid made from Linoleic Acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid, only obtained through diet!

I urge you to be concerned about the potential dangers of Splenda!
Once it gets into your G/I, it doesn't get recognised in the body as food — that’s why the zero calories. Most people don’t absorb a significant amount of Splenda in their small intestine . The body tries to clear foreign substances for protection by simply digesting them, so it’s likely that the HEALTHIER your G/I system is, the MORE you’ll absorb the chlorine- processed molecules of Splenda.
And because there are NO long term large Human studies on this , we simply don't know the consequences.
Could this aggravate your skin condition or perhaps be one of the causative agents? I wouldn't take a chance with Splenda, ever.

And finally, stress is a very underestimated and potentially very harmful condition. You doctor could be right to a degree.
I know a lot about stress as I deal with this in my Hypnotherapy sessions
with clients, all the time! And yes, often, stressful situations over prolonged time or not, may present symptoms of dermatitis or urticaria or other skin
In a few cases, a Meridian Spinal Release Procedure, an Energy Medicine
approach from "Allergy Antidotes", is all it took, to rebalance the Energy
affected by the stressor and eliminate the skin symptoms.

So please consider the aforementioned  suggestions, do your own research
and should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post again, or if you prefer, message me directly.

Note that this not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes!

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Hi again.

One more thing that I forgot to mention is Dr. Coca's Pulse Test.
It's free and it will indicate what you are reactive to, anything ingested food or drink, that the body considers offensive. It will even indicate hidden or delayed allergies. Just do a search for it and it's public domain.
You should consider the full version which takes a week to complete (there's a short version also), but it's well worth it, to my opinion.

Oh and sorry about a couple mistakes in my previous post, dah (rushing!)
a. 1st line: sorry to hear about and NOT for all your skin issues.
b.  3rd line: (as Eve mentioned) should read (as Elbamom mentioned ).
Got mixed up with another member's name.

Have a good day and I hope you find a resolution to this soon!

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Sharing with you what I read in one of my searches. An older gentleman has had psoriasis (not saying yours is)  with generalized body itching from the sores for most of his life doing life long search for a cure. He found and started taking Oregano juice. One day he decided to sprinkle some of the juice to his itchy sore and to his surprise, he got relief !!. He started using the Oregano juice for itching from that time on. Wife was so happy, and she wanted to share the blessing .:)  I have used the Oregano oil myself for itching, but only to small areas. Sounds like the juice would be a simpler choice for generalized rashes and itching as Oregano oil is pretty strong and could burn. It needs to be diluted with other oils before use. (Lemon Oil, Emu, VCO, Olive Oil, etc) if you'd prefer the Oil.
Search : WILD OIL OF OREGANO at least 70% carvachol. They sell the juice and oil on line.. Note: it smells like pizza. Lemon oil could mask the scent.
I wish you well..
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Niko, many thanks for your wealth of knowledge... I am very grateful and I'll try to follow your instructions. Toourlady89, thank you for your kind comment and advice. Elbamom, the prickly sensation does not go away from the cream application...but thank you very much for your suggestions...your kindness is soothing much deeper than any cream that has ever touched my skin. Thank you, everyone.
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Get tested for nickel allergy with a T.R.U.E patch test, done by a dermatologist.... A lot of the foods you are eating have a high nickel content and you may have become sensitized to it. Nickel objects and foods with nickel greatly exacerbate my eczema and cause the exact same misery you have described.
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I feel your pain literally, probably unrelated but I started with a rash in my armpits and was pretty convinced that it had to be a reaction to the deodorant try different ones but ultimately I got a prescription of sorts which took care of it all thought I have to put ointment 2 - 3 days a week. Months later now I've broke out with the same rash your describing and like you cant figure out what is causing it, I started using hydrocortizone cream and the rash on my arms is almost subsided but the stuff on my legs seems to be still area wise and just as red the itch is much less. hope it helps! hope we can find out what is causing it as well.
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