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I have been suffering for years now with numerous problems but my doctors cannot seem to find out what is wrong. i have gone though numerous labs and tests, i have a gen prac, a neurologist, etc. and they all seem to think i have migraines which i am on meds for, and i am still getting rather horrible headaches. My symptoms have been getting worse as of late and cycle when they do they include: migraines, confusion, irritability, nausea, body aches, electrocution feeling of the skin/hands/feet/appendages, gen weakness, increased fatigue, body stiffness, and sometimes fainting spells, it gets so bad sometimes that i cannot get out of bed my body hurts so bad. i have tried to exercise more and eat healthy but this does not seem to help the tired feeling no matter how much caffeine i consume during these cycles.
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Have you had a MRI of brain and neck(specifically to check for a pinched nerve in upper neck that could be causing your problems)?
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Has your Vit D level been checked? Most docs today did not learn this in medical school - it's new info - unless they graduated in the last   4-5 years.   If your level is below 30 you can feel terrible and if it is below 20, you are positively deficient and your calcium is probably too low but will look normal or high -- doc has to check ionized calcium, not serum calcium. Vit D deficiency can lead to secondary thyroid condition and all the symptoms that go with that.  Low calcium can causes muscle stiffness, cramping and even tetany.  With my Vit D deficiency (16) I had  peripheral neuropathy-type symptoms -- numbness, tingling, cramping in my feet and legs.  Fatigue and many other symptoms.  It wouldn't hurt to check this out.  I deficient, you would be prescribed a Rx Vit D 50,000 iu 1x week for 8 wks.  Then 2000 iu 1xdaily.  Raynauds can cause neuropathy type symptoms also.  It is a microvascular condition.  For info on Vit D deficiency, see YouTube "Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Disease" by Dr. Michael F. Holick.  40 min, bring popcorn.  Good luck.  
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