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Undiagnosed problems

Since three years I have had vertigo and balance problems, periods of severe fatigue, frequent viruses but no fever or obvious infections, just catarrh and slight sinus problems. I have also had a racing heart. The viruses are debilitating and for instance I was suffering chronic fatigue for the past four months out of six and the rest of the time tire easily. I am 53 and through the menopause (with only minor problems). Each doctor did his bit and said goodbye and ignored my other symptoms. I am now to go to the teaching hospital at end of May to see two specialists (one after the other) in the endocrine department (my medical report of the past 18 months and blood tests where sent in advance). Here is my history...

Vertigo, balance problems (three years) (after a severe virus) and walk with a cane when alone.
Racing heart (three years) (makes me breathless and tired) worse when I bend down and stand up.
Tinnitus (20 months) high pitched sound and general buzzing
Vitamin B12 deficiency (diagnosed 16 months) have monthly injections
Coeliac disease (diagnosed 14 months) Strict Gluten Free diet
Lactose intolerance (ongoing and diagnosed 14 months)
Peripheral neuropathy
Diabetes Insipidus (three years symptoms but diagnosed 6 months) (after the same severe virus)
Arthritis especially in hands, fingers, and wrists. Diagnosed recently.
Pain in lower legs, hands and arms, some muscles and periodic migrating pain
Walk over on sides of feet, right foot worse (5 months)
Blood tests show continual lower than normal white blood cell count and slightly better red blood cell count but on or slightly below base line.
Slight vitamin D deficiency
Two x MRI normal, including pituitary
Normal thyroid test
Normal glucose
No depression

Medications Vit B12 injections and Desmopressin (for Diabetes Insipidus)

What the hell can still be wrong? After each diagnosis I expected to improve! Another autoimmune disease? Anyone any ideas? I fit in to a degree with several things. I'm still hopeful though...
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Sorry me again, left out feeling cold. I have a blanket on the couch so no one else has to roast alive! Go to bed with two hot water bottles! Mostly felt in hands, and lower arms, feet and lower legs. Became worse from last spring.

Sorry to moan and groan...
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Have you had any adrenal tests? 8am cortisol or ACTH stimulation test?

Do a search for Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome.
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No I haven't, but adrenal problems have crossed my mind. I will do what you suggest and hope that the endocrinlogist do the tests next month. Thank you so much for your help. I'll let you know how it goes. xx
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I forgot to say that my main symptom has been vertigo attacks. This last one was 6/06 and I was left with what can only be described as dysequalibrium. Just like you describe.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after many years of high "normal" TSH levels. This has improved quite a bit on Synthroid, but I still have some fatigue in the am and dysequalibrium.

I was dx'd with Meneire's Disease in 1997 after experiencing vertigo/dysequalibrium in 1994 and 1997. This has been ruled out as of last year.

My endo will more than likely treat me for adrenal insufficiency even if the tests are normal. He said the ACTH Stim. Test misses 25% of cases.

Good luck at the endo next month and keep me posted if you remember. I don't always check in here, usually on the thyroid forum, but you can PM me if you'd like.

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Hi Kitty

Yes, thank you again. Even though my tests are negative, I do feel I might have thyroid trouble, especially as with coeliac it's top of the list of other things I can be prone to. time will tell I suppose, or more thorough tests. I have my vertigo, balance problems and tinnitus, continuously. I have also suspected adrenal problems and lupus. Perhaps it's something a lot more simple (like more deficiencies), you never know, I might be lucky.

I will PM you when I find out more.

Maria xx
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Great- let me know what you find out.

Take care Maria!
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