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Unexplained on going problems!

had my Gall Bladder out in May 2008. 9 weeks after the birth of my son, which is my second child.  I am 21 now. But at that time I was 20.  Since I have had my Gall Bladder out, it's hard for me to find foods that stay down.  I hate having to find a restroom.  Before I had my Gall Bladder out, it was normal for me to go to the bathroom (#2) twice a week.  If something I eat that doesn't sit well, it only take 5-15 minutes for it to be in the toilet.  Back in March of 2009, I went to dinner with my husband, and we had gone to the Olive Garden.  I had ordered my food and they had brought us some salad.  I had a few bites of my salad, and my stomach started gurgerling.  By the time my food had gotten there, I ran straight to the bathroom.  I had never had such a horrible bowel movement.  My salad I had eaten was in the toilet.  I even had blood in my stool, which was new for mel.  A few days later I started having really bad breathing problems.  I went to the doctor, and he sent me to the Hospital to have a CT Scan.  It showed I had free air in my chest cavity.  It wasn't Pnemothorax, but something very similar called Pnemomediastinum.  I had on going problems with that for 4 months, in and out of the ER, I was on bed rest.  I literally felt like my life was ending.  They kept saying it will resolve on its own.  I had finally had enough, and I went and saw a Pulmonologist.  He said to me I have a very interesting case, he had spoken with 4 or 5 five other specialists and they can't tell me what the causes could be.  That I had air bubbles in between the artieris of my heart and so on.  He told me it could be from mensturel cramps, or a bowel problem.  So I went to go get myself a Colonoscopy.  My Grandmother had a prefferated bowel for 20 years and didn't know.  So when I went in for my Colonoscopy, they said everything was great.  So a week later I scheduled my appointment for my Gyno.  He did an exam, and sent me in for a Laporoscopy. I had a severe infection.  All my female organs were twice the size.  But all my blood tests always came back normal.  They never showed signs of infection.  But during the surgery he said nothing looked as if that is where my air is coming from.  That surgery was in June of 2009.  I recovered fine, but have the breathing problems still, but I got kicked off insurance so I haven't done anything about it.  For the last few months I have had really bad problems with weight loss and really bad diarreha, and constipation.  I still get blood in my stool. I have really bad stomach problems.  But I have just convinced myself that this is how its gonna be from now on.  Well back in August of 2009, I lost a good amount of weight.  I wasn't real heavy before, but I went down to 118 lbs.  Well in Sept. of 2009, I had gotten in the shower got out, put lotion on, got dressed, and blew dried my hair.  Didn't hit my leg on anything, nothing.  As I was getting into bed I laid down on my right thigh and it hurt really bad, I looked down to see this huge, apple shaped bruise on my thigh, with a line (bruise) in the middle.  Now I would of known if I hit my leg.  Than when I woke up the next morning, on the other thigh, I had this bruise that was about six inches long and 2 - 2 1/2 inches wide on my left thigh.  They we're risen bruises, not hot to the touch, but they hurt, but they took about 2 weeks to heal.  Well in Nov of 2009, I got the bruise that was on my left thigh, on my right thigh.  Its reoccuring, and totally unexplained.  Since Sept of 2009, I have gained 2 lbs. But everyone is convienced something is seriously wrong with me.  But without insurance I have been hesitant to go to the doctor, but I have reached that point that my life is more important than money and I wanna be pain free.  My mom told me about Celiac Disease, she had only warned me about it cause my brother has a thyroid problem, and my daughters dad is a Type 1 Diabetic.  What should I do?  What could it possibly be?
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Hi and welcome to MedHelp.

I had horrible problems after I had my galbladder out.  Some people have problems a few months and then they are good to go.  But not me.  I battled this horrible diarrhea for years.  Celiac (glutten intollerance) can definitely  cause problems like you are describing.  But salad is one of those things that I am careful when I eat it.  I've heard that eating yogurt everyday helps people w/o their gallbladder.  Maybe if you took acidopholus w/ every meal to see if that would help.  

I don't know what to think about the easy bruising and the blood in your stool.  

It's really hard when you don't have insurance.  Does your state offer any kind of health care for people w/o insurance.  In Louisiana, we have charity hospitals.  They are a long way from wonderful, but you can get free health care or close to it.(it's based on your income level)

Are you having any joint pain?
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