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Unknown reoccurring illness

Starting in January 2012 I broke out with these did colored spots up and down my legs... The spots did not itch, swell, or cause pain but looked like what I can only discribe as a hickey (blood vessels that burst inside or under my skin in a circle shape) some big some small... There is still a small faded spot now in August 2012...
At the same time as this happened I began to experience severe back pains and strange joint pains with swelling in one knee and all of a sudden have developed some sort of allergy to the sun... Each time I would be outside I would break out in hives just on my face around my temples...
I went to the ER as I do not have insurance and they did blood tests which came back normal, tested urine which was fine, and did a back X-ray which I believe was also legit.
The doctor then gave me some pain pills and steroids and sent me on my way... I never took the steroids as I did not like the side effects and only a Amal amount of pain meds as they caused me to feel sick to my stomach and constipation.
Now six months later I woke up with a random back pain that made it hurt to move and if I try to walk very far at all te pain has been getting worse where it moves throughout my entire back and into my legs.
Also randomly broke out with a rash of hives on my shoulders and into my back that will not go away with Certirizine HCI 10mg or benedryl or hydrocrotizone creams. I did see a doctor at te ER for the back pain and he told me he believed I pulled a muscle and sent me on my way!
As I do not have insurance or a doctor due to the fact that I don't have insurance I am seeking advise less where because I am concerned about my health. I am only in my early 30's and have been healthy other than seasonal allergies until now. Please help!
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Hello there...it sounds so similar to my symptoms..I'm suspecting its lupus. Have you researched that at all? The sun sensivity is a dead give away. I dont get the typical butterfly rash, I get red dots, and occasional bruise like things that disappear overnight. I was diagnosed with Rhemathoid in december had joint pains here and there...but now new symptoms appear all the time. You are not crazy. ER docs can make you feel that way and just dismiss you...oh its stress... pulled muscle etc. You should see rhematholigist ..Hope you get insurance that would ease the stress of $ ...good luck , respond if you have any questions...tac
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Thanks do much. I have researched Lupus and have had a slight push in the direction or rheumatoid arthritis by ER doctors but they always say my blood levels are normal... Of course the Lupus symptoms make sense as do the spots however mine don't fade over night leave what kinda looks like a bruise and then fades to a light birth mark looking spot... Tried to tan these away only to find out I break out in hives if exposed to the sun to long... Thanks again for your response!  
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