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Very worried.

Been suffering from a variety of symptoms from some time now, since May last year, ranging from a neck headache, which at first was called a cervicogenic headache, which has caused a nightly muscle spasm upon lying down, a tightness across my scalp/forehead, tightness around the mastoid and jaw area, pain especially in my lower right arm, and at times hips, hamstring, groin and even calf area.

Also been suffering inflammation of the pectoral area, especially the right side, leading to pain.

Both a CT scan and MRI of the Neck and brain have revealed nothing at all of concern to the neurologist, and likewise a full blood count, and other more specific blood tests looking for inflammation of blood vessels etc.

Am very scared atm - i get bad nausea and even reflux as a result.

Going to see a second neurologist but worried he to might not find something.

Any ideas or experience from people on here about this?
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Your original diagnosis is merely a medical description of a headache caused by the neck.
Most such headaches start from the the sub-occipital area.
For a complete review and analysis of this, please watch the  "Cervicogenic Headache Video". Just do a search under that.

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