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Vitaligo - skin lightening (pigmentation disorder)

Anyone here have this. It is an autoimmune disorder not very well know, obviously not dagerous. I have Hashimoto also- another autoimmune. misery likes company with autoimmune. Fun stuff (not).

So my question for this forum is , does anyone else out there have this? Have you had success treating Vitaligo?
I am male, mostly white with some Native American, so white patches show a little, - more in the summer.  

Have it on my neck and chin, not on my cheeks yet - I hope never. On hands- looks like scars, but its my hands so I dont care about that.

Any experienced info is appreciated, since docs just blow this off.
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Hi lazymoose.
I have graves disease, which is thyroid too, and i have vitiligo on my arms, and also on the shins off my leg.
I do believe that vitiligo is auto=immune, and is something to do with pigment in skin.
I did once ask my GP about it and he to just blew me out, like it was nothing.
I believe that it can go alongside alopecia hair loss, as well.
I developed vitiligo, when i discovered, i had hair loss, and severe adrenal fatigue. and was feeling shocking.
Doctors dont seem to care about it.
Sorry i cant be more helpful, but i just thought i would tell you my experience too, as i got blown out by my gp too.
Good luck

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Hello there,
I was diagnosed with vitiligo 11 yrs (when I was 14yrs)  ago and my GP just brushed off any questions I asked about the cause.so you are not the only with the condition.being health science student,I am convinced by little info put forth by various researchers.however,it takes courage to overcome the feelings and seek help if need be.actually it is auto-immune disorder,I inquired a lot from my gp and other major immunologists in my faculty,and they gave similar explanations.
I need more info and accurate one that will suit your understanding of the conditions
but for now i would advise not to worry
and seek more help from your doctor.

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HI!!!  Yeah, I have Hashimoto's, and I have been diagnosed with vitilago, (several years ago), not to mention Raynaud's, and Oh yeah, we can't forget about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  

I'm currently working on my 5th autoimmune diagnosis, becasue my body has decided to bump up the "self destruct" throttle, and I'm experiencing additional symptions which can not be explained by the disorders of which I currently have.  

If I'm lucky, this diagnosis will be the big "One", to explain all the other "little" or symtamatic disorders, which don't generate much attention from my Dr.'s becaue apparently their significance mean realitivity little.

I'm really hoping someone will see the "Big Picture", and add all of these individual diagnosis up to see the real problem, so I can begin to get some "real" treatment and begin to feel better.  Anyway, enough about me, let's get back to you and your vitaligo.  

I'm not aware of any "treatment" for this condition, at least not one that is medical.  I don't think you can replace the pigment within your body, (at a cellular level), once your immune system has decided that it was going to destroy it.  

I've had this condition for years and years, and I am white also.  I have white patches on both sides of both my ankles, both knees, both elbows, a couple large spots on on the front of my R. shin, and several spots, (these spots look almost like rings), around a number of freckles, in mutipal areas across my body.  

During the winter months, these vitaligo spots can not be seen, as I am very, very white, but as soon as it warms up and "shorts" season makes it's dubet, that is when they begin to appear.  

The vitaligo spots I have do not appear as "scars" as you have said yours do.  Mine almost look like ringwork, because the spots are so circular, and appear to have a clearly defined ring of pigment on the outter edge of each spot.  

It is really embarressing and uncomfortable for me to have random people see these spots because most people don't know what it is, and haven't seen it on someone who is as white as I am, so they make an assumption or a guess, which is almost always wrong.  

So, how do I rectify this problem?  Well, you can't go to a tanning booth, because those spots don't have any pigment in them to tan, but what I've learned and done, (and continue to do every year), is the spray tan!  It completely covers/masks the spots, for me anyway!  

I don't know how well it will work for you, or for other people.  I guess it would depend on how dark your natural skin color is, and if the salon has a bronzer which can match your skin tone.  Line I said, it works for me, but then..., I am very very white!

So, that's what I do to deal with vitilago.  I don't know what other people might do, or might be able to reccommend as I do not know any other individuals, (who are white), who have this type of condition.  

Oh, one last thing, I don't know what the instance is regarding a persons body having the ability to "eventually" replace the pigment which was once destroyed, (maybe someone might have a story of hope to share), but it's been 20 plus years for me since I was first diagnosed with this, and I still have those ulgy little spots.  

Let me know if this works for you, and good luck!!!        
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"Oh, one last thing, I don't know what the instance is regarding a persons body having the ability to "eventually" replace the pigment which was once destroyed, (maybe someone might have a story of hope to share)"

- that would be good to know, if it ever reverses. I did try a cream for (maybe dermatitis?) from a dermatolojist that said it has been known to work on some with vitaligo. It did not work for me.

My vitaligo is more blotchy in shape, but smoother that normal skin. I am not the 'whitest' so its visable on my face year round - lower part of cheeks and part of my chin- just hope it doesnt spread more there.

It is a higher skin cancer possibility from UV in unprotected areas also.
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Fast forward to 2012..........

Someone was kind enough on another post to let me know about Para-Amino-Benzoic Acid or long for PABA, used for skin conditions including Vitaligo. Comes in pill and topical. I'm looking into this.

Any other new treatments for Vitaligo, anyone?

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Actually i doubt anyones going to care ive had it since i was five its on my eyes, neck,legs & feet it gets worst when im stressed for some reason bt now im use to it in the summer iy gets pink or red depending how long i was in the sun
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Anyone out there that has it is going to care - I mean, who wants to look like they're albino? I'm not pale naturally, so pale spots that don't tan in the summer look weird on me.

Yes , I think stress makes it spread.

Someday there will be an answer.

When non-white pro sports players have it - it gets noticed. Might be taken more seriously someday for that reason.
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