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Vitamin D difficiency may be linked in autoimmune diseases....

On the internet  I called up Sjogrens's,  MS,fibromyalgia  and lupus with Vitamin D difficiency and there are connections from what it says.  As well my friend Has MS and went to the doctors today being called back for her blood test results and she wanted her to up her Vitamin D as she is seriously difficient.   I have Sjogrens and fibromyalgia, I'm going to try this...I'm starting to get really scared about this diagnose and the crazy symptoms that have been going on for such a long time.
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Sorry you are so scared, but with proper treatment life can be good and you can feel much better.

It would be wise to get your Vit-D checked and have your doctor monitor it.  Low Vit-D levels are very common in autoimmune disease.  Some in the medical community believe the current recommended daily amount is far too low (400 IU) and should be at least 1000 IU.

I was seriously deficient and my doctor prescribed 100,000 IU a week for 5 weeks to bring my level up.  I currently 14,000 IU per week (2000 per day) and my Vit-D level is in the low side of the normal range.  Once my Vit-D level was brought up, a lot of my stabbing muscle pain subsided.  It was wonderful.

From personal experience and from the experience of others I would recommend taking Vit-D in the gel-capsule form rather than the white tablet form.  Often the binders in the tablet form can cause and adverse reaction or can be rough on the tummy.  Just a suggestion.

Hope this helps.

Wanna :o)
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I'm in the same boat, but also confused about Vit D.  Mine was a whopping 7 when they started treating me for parathyroid.  After a few months of 50,000 a week, plus calcitrol, it's up in the 20's.  Still ache all the time.  I've read that both low and high Vit D can cause that, so I worry about it getting too high.

I get the results from my battery of tests next week.  Hoping to finally get a real answer.
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Your level is not high, in fact 20 is still low.  In order to reach a level of vitamin D toxicity you would have to be taking a lot more than what you mentioned.  

There is a lot of Vit-D talk in various forums here, pros and cons, and if you do a MedHelp search you will find a lot of reading from both perspectives.

I know Vit-D has been one thing that has helped me (along with many other drugs) and each patient is individual.

What kind of doctor are you seeing?  Hope you find answers soon.

Wishing you wellness,
Wanna :o)
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