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Wandering eye

I was diagnosed over six years ago with this disease.  Until I read an article today, I did not realize how many of the symptoms (other than the incessant dry everything) COULD be due to this disease.  The fatigue that has been almost debilitating but Dr's have shrugged off...the sleep difficulties...the brain fog, etc.  I can't say these are all due to Sjogren's but at least I have something significant and documented that says it really could be a reason for all of them and that they are real!!

I've not seen anything tying Sjogren's to a wandering eye, but I am certainly curious if it could.  I am 58 years old and only developed this eye disorder last year.  Since it is usually a pediatric problem I am just curious if one could be tied to the other.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?

Obviously I am on the hunt for a new doctor.  My symptoms should have been recognized and discussed with me in my opinion.  Any info will be appreciated.

So Tired!
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