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Wegener's or something else?

What should I expect next? Can someone help me understand an know what I have to look forward too when I see the doctor next week?

After 3 weeks of waiting for my follow up CT scan results, I picked up my report today.  My Pulmonolgist who ordered the test would not talk with me.  He spoke with my Rheumatologist who called me  and ask me to come in Monday morning at 8:15AM.  I know part of my nervousness is from all the waiting, but all the lung doctor's nurse would say is that they will be changing my meds.  At this point any understanding of this information would be appreciated.  Here is the CT scan report findings:

Brochopulmonary:  There is no pleural effusion or honeycombing/fibrosis. Mild air trapping is again seen. There is a new area of ill-defined infiltrate in the inferomedial right lower lobe.  Again, this is new compared with the November 2012 study as well as the PET/CT scan for December 2012.  Multiple pulmonary parenchymal nodules are again noted and included:
5 mm left upper lobe perifissural nodule, image 18 series 2, 2 mm decrease.
10 mm left lower lobe spiculated nodule, image 32, 5 mm decrease.
5 mm left lower lobe nodule, image 32, 1 mm decrease.
Right middle lobe nodule resolved.

Other small nodules are identified as are arease of ill-defined colsolidated infiltrate.  Parenchymal scarring is again seen in the inferomedial right upper lobe as well as in the right middle lobe and lingula.

Cardiomediastinum:  The heart size is normal.  There is artherosclerotic calcification seen in the aortic arch.  There is no pericardial effusion.

Bones/Soft Tissues:  The Thyroid gland is unremarkable.  There are bilateral breast prostheses. Small axillary lymph nodes are stable. The bony structures are unchanged.

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