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What could this be- problems with bleeding?

Hopefully someone out there knows something about blood disorders or can direct me to the correct forum.

I am a 53 yr. old female, thin to underweight and a have been a life long smoker.

For about 6 years now, I have become increasingly "thinned skinned", where I will bleed under the skin. At first it was with gardening, where I would get scratched and end up with purpura. It has changed so that now I get petechiae, purpura and bruises with no trauma or obivous cause. This occurs mostly on my lower legs and forearms. It is also getting progressively worse over the past several months.

What is doubly confounding about this is that I am Factor V Leiden heterozygous, meaning that I have a hereditary defect that increases my risk of blood clots. I did in fact have DVT in two veins of the leg last year and was on Coumadin for 6 months. They had extreme difficulty regulating my INR levels while on Coumadin as I was bouncing all over the place. I got dangerously high 3 times (4.5 to 6.2) but never had any bleeding problems.

I'm now off Coumadin and take 80 mg. of baby aspirin a day. In the last several months, the purpura and now bruises constantly appear. I had a recent panel of blood tests and my INR level was outside of the low end of normal at .83, yet my platelet count was right smack in the middle of normal at 286 with a reference range of 150-450. MPV was on the low range of normal. By all rights, I should be at high risk for a clot with the low INR and also should not be bleeding with a normal platelet count.

I'm seeing a neuro due to numerous brain lesions on MRI scans that are accompanied by motor, sensory and cognitive problems. She says the lesions are not typical of MS, but is concerned about degenrative disc disease. When I asked about the purpura, she said that the asprin could be doing it, but that does not make sense given the INR level and prior history on Coumadin.

Any takers?

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