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What does "Non-diagnostic" mean

I recently had a lip biopsy done to test for Sjogren's.  After waiting and waiting I finally called and was told the test was "non-diagnostic".  Does that mean the results are negative, or that the test was inconclusive, or what???  I hate medical professionals when they get all uppity!  I asked the woman who gave me the results exactly what does non-diagnostic mean and she said it means non-diagnostic. Well, DUH!!!!

These are the same folks who made me pay 117.00 up front, before I even saw a doctor, and then wondered why my blood pressure was high. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!
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I'm not sure, but I would think it was inconclusive.  They can't confirm a dx or rule it out.
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That figures.  Nothing about this **** is easy, is it?
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"Hi :)!!
Recently my mom had a medical examination, in her case for another autoimmune disease(arthritis), Her Physician asked my mom to go for different studies(like 6 or 7) in order to get an exact diagnosis. In many of this tests the result was ""non-diagnostic"", The physician said the reason is that the test do not have enough information neither to confirm nor to rule out anything (Just like Karajo said :) )... At the end she was diagnosed but after many tests.
I hope you are okay, and talk to your Doctor, its not fair that you are not getting enough information on what's going on in your tests."
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I am so frustrated with the medical profession altogether!  It seems next to impossible to get a straight answer to anything.  Rheumy looked at me said I had Sjogren's and ordered a lip biopsy.  I asked if she already knew I had Sjogren's why did I have to have a lip biopsy and she said just to confirm. Now I have had to come out of my pocket with over a hundred dollars AND miss a day of work just to find out they don't know any more than they did prior to the biopsy.  And that was just one of 4 doctor visits in a week's time. Grrrr.
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Also fed up with the medical profession. Grrr
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"I'm sorry, we don't know what is wrong with you", is one sentence you will never hear from an orthodox medical professional.    
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It probably means that they did not acquire enough cells to property run tests on the sample.
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