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What's going on?!

Please can someone help
I've been experiencing these symptoms on and off for two years with no diagnosis.

Which stool/blood/hair tests could I get in the UK to identify more?
It's taking too long on the NHS to see an immunologist (10 months!)

Repeated strep infections
Swollen lymph nodes
Swollen parotid and submandibular glands
Uveitis (eye inflammation)
Costochondritis (rib inflammation)
Ears burning and ear ache
Itchy roof of mouth and throat
Joint aches and pains
Fainting Dizziness Breathless
Pins and needles arms and tingles on face
Metallic taste in mouth
Bloating Acid reflex Tummy cramps
Dry gagging White mucous in stool
Blurry vision Noise sensitive  
Brain fog Poor memory

Blood results
Show repeated raised igA
Igg and igm normal
Thick blood viscosity
CRP inflammatory levels have been 24mg and 34mg (should be 6mg)
Low neutrophil and white blood cell count
Serum urea levels slightly abnormal

NHS Blood results
EBV negative
Lymes negative
Hep/HIV negative
H.Pylori negative
Dust/pollen/cat/mite etc allergies negative
Rheumatic conditions ruled out by Rheumatologist
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Sarcoidosis must be ruled out!
You are presenting some hallmark symptoms of this condition.
Best wishes,
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check for Hemochromatosis
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