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What's going on? Joint pains, high CRP & anti-thyroglobuline, eyes probs

I've lost more than 2 diopters in one year so my eye doctor sent me in for tests. Separately, I've been treated for arthritis on basis of ultrasound and Xray (no blood test) - solely with anti-inflammatory drugs that wreak havoc with my stomach.
Got the blood tests today, no high sugar, no TSH, T3 & T4, anti-TPO antibodies all in order. Positive anti-thyroglobuline antibodies (high at 130) and CRP of 17.23 (with norm indicated at below 5). High sedimentation rate as well  (at 30).
I am reasonably well except for the pains in multiple joints. But am starting to panic and doctor appointment more than 2 weeks away!    Thanks for the advice!
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Hi sleeplessinGVA.
I understand your concerns.
However, rest assured, there are a lot of things you can do
to improve your health dramatically.
You likely have unregulated Hashimoto's - Autoimmune
Your TPO, TSH, T3 and T4 "normal" levels could be not only NOT in order, but also misleading your doctors to pursue differential diagnoses, potentially leaving you in limbo.
The immune system when weak is unable to make antibodies on a regular basis (1),  autoimmunity fluctuates
considerably (2), and flawed testing measures only total serum levels of thyroid hormones which does not necessarily co-relate with thyroid function (3).
So repeating the anti-TPO, getting tested for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 and consuming gluten-foods and sugar prior to testing (this increases inflammation and auto-immune activity), will help shed some more light.
It is of utmost importance to rule out Hashimoto's, as unregulated hypothyroidism can lead to  Lupus, Arthritis, Sjögren's, Heart disease and more.
You could also ask for a trial of desiccated natural thyroid,
starting with the minimum dosage.
You will know if this works or not within a relatively short time.
A better substitute for anti-inflammatory meds would be
(1) Nigella sativa (powdered seeds or oil capsules),
(2) Boswellia Serrata extract (AOR has a nanoavailable
formulation) and taken with meals including some fat,
the absorption increases 7-fold, and (3) organic Turmeric powder.
The above 3 are time-tested great anti-inflammatory agents with very few issues and side-effects.
Since natural herbal remedies do not have the almost immediate action of prescribed drugs, consider tapering down your drug intake, while tapering up your herbals.

Best wishes,
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My CRP is 15...have no idea where the inflammation is coming from but boy does it ruin everything.
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