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Why can't my 10 year old daughter make a fist?

Why can't my 10 year old daughter make a fist?  There have been no injuries or neurological issues, to my knowledge.  She just has never been able to do it.
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Please elaborate. Is it bilateral? Can you post a video of her attempt at making a fist? Have you obtained any type of medical evaluation or are you trying to solve this mysterious problem on your own (highly commendable if you are, in my view).
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I am 45 and still cant make a fist with my left hand.  Used to I couldnt with my right hand but due to me being right handed I have stretched my tendons. to be able to do so.  I was born with only 1 tendon in a few fingers causing me not to be able to make a fist.  My Dr. at age 6 told my mom to have me squeeze a soft ball in the palm of my hand while watching tv etc. to stretch the tendons.  My great grandmother was this way and my daughter but it skipped my mother.  Now they say but we dont believe my daughter has CMT.  Look it up.  It is the initials of 3 Drs. that came up with this so called disease.  It has to do with the muscles also.  If you need any info send me a message.  In young children you may also see foot drop.  They determined this by nerve and blood test.  Most Dr. dont even know of this disease cause I have mentioned to 3 and none of them knew of it till I handed them info I printed off internet and some info Dr. gave my daughter.  Daughter is 26 and was diagnosed 2 yrs ago.  Still we refuse to believe this is her problem.  We just believe it is a hereditary thing.                    
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