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Why does my warfarin dosage keep on rising????

Why is my Warfarin dosage so high..& keeps on rising?
by jenna1983, Nov 21, 2009 05:53PM
Tags: antiphospholipid, Systematic Lupus Erythematosis, blood clot, iron deficient anemic

To keep it as brief as possible: DOB 1983

Had DVTs in 2004 that went lungs (hospitalised for 2weeks).
Immed started anticoag treatment 10mg - 15mg for 1st year of treatment... late 2004 antiphospholipid antibody diagnosis confirmed...
2005 had noticeable 'butterfly rash' over face, after many doc trips / consultant apt's, blood tests and biospsy - SLE was diagnosed / confirmed..
currently take follwoing meddications - & have done since 2005:

Warfarin 25mg daily
Plaquenil x400mg daily
Levothyroxine x200microgrm daily
Ferrous Sulphate 200mg daily

The SLE is no problem to me really now apart from being tired / cold..but what worries me most is the fact that Im now taking 25mg of Warfarin daily and have done for last 8-12months...I have asked my consultant why this keeps increasing.. but she just said that it was genetic and doesnt know why really... It probally bothers me more as i can only get a certain supply of 5mg tabs each monthso Im pretty much on rpt perscription each month for these which is a hassle.... Any thoughts or opinion to why my Warfarin needs to keep increasing to keep me in my 2-3 INR??..Lokk forward to hearing from someone who has a  professional knowledge in this area.
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