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I was diagnosed with psoriasis last year but I think I've had it for years, then a few months later I was told I had osteoarthritis after seeing a  rheumy.
I take meds for that and use steriod creams as required for my skin. Now I seem to have many more symptoms. I  ache all over sometimes, I seem to be sensitive to the sun as I come out in hives and red blotches. I also have sore eyes and one of them is constantly red. I have been getting sores in my mouth and nose which are sometimes painful. I often feel dizzy and nauseated and the constant fatigue is really getting me down. Anyone have any ideas please.
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Look up celiac disease.  Approx. 6% of psoriasis sufferers get relief if they go on a gluten free diet.  This might be the connection with the above symptoms.  I hope this helps!  It helped my husband.
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Thanx, would never have thought of that as I dont have any gastro problems. After a little bit of research realised many people often dont. Thanx again will give it a go.
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I agree with the gluten allergy, food allergies, might want to look into yeast overgrowth as well. Causes many skin problems amongst the symptoms you are describing, steriods/antibiotics contribute to a great deal of yeast problems. Your increase in symptoms since you started steroidal treatments makes me really wonder about Chronic Candidiasis and it can be a cause of autoimmunity by having the immune system constantly flared.
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