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autonomic dysfunction and getting hep c

I have a unpinpointed type of autonomic dysfunction that is genetic to be thought since my father has it too, just less severe. I started getting signs at a young age and they have gradually gotten worse and more appear the older I get. Once I reached age 19 no more symptoms have came about, so I'm hoping it's reached its point. Back in March I was hospitalized for vaginal bleeding that was unstoppable, I ended up needing iv hormones, blood transfusion, and a d&c and was still told by my doctor it would be a surprise if I made it and if I ever had the same situation I had a slim chance of survival. The doctor never found a reason for the bleeding, so it kind of was just left in the air. Last week I tested reactive for hep c (my husband did first and that's why I got tested). Now I'm left trying to figure out if me getting hep c will have a big effect on my prior condition, if my condition will cause the hep c to harm me faster, and if the hep c was somehow linked to my bleeding that was never diagnosed. I should be asking a doctor all this but my doctor knows nothing about autonomic dysfunction except a small few things. I myself know more then my doctor and actually was the one who figured out all the tests I needed him to order. So, anyone if you actually got this far, can someone give me any advice, input, similar situations?
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Hi Lilly.

I'm sorry, you're going through this and without any clear answers, it makes it even worse.

Autonomic Dysfunction, is just a general description of any  malfunction of the autonomic nervous system, that has not been pinpointed to a specific cause or disease.

A few questions.

1. Do you suspect Hep C from the transfusion?
I think this is a reportable
incident and it should be investigated, unless the cause is clearly not related the transfusion.

2. Did you discontinue any birth control, recently?

3. Why the cause of the excessive bleeding was not verified?
Are you seeing a Gyno, Endo or other specialist?
Was estrogen dominance explored?

4.What was the Clinical reason for the D&C? It could explain #2.

5. What type of IV hormone treatment did you get?

6. What are your main symptoms of your Autonomic Dysfunction?

7. Have you been tested for adrenal insufficiency?

I'm looking forward to your answers.


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