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b12 issues

Just looking to see if there is someone out there that has pernicious anemia and there b12 levels are fine, but tingling sensations getting worse not better, I got my levels back and they are good but the vibrations and tingling seems to cbe getting worse.

Thank You
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I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia about 2 years ago. I first found it when I was diagnosed with Raynauds. I take a B12 shot every two weeks. My levels are in the normal range now but I really can't even tell any difference when I get the shot. I have never had any tingling sensations but for a while I was getting the shots one time a month and my levels were not staying where they should be. Now I get a shot every two weeks. Do you get your levels tested on a regular basis? I would contact your doctor if you feel this is getting worse. That does not sound normal. Please keep me posted.
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You said your b1 levels are fine....  Does your dr. think the symptoms are related to the anemia?  Have you asked if the dr. would want to try B12 injecions?

There are other things that can cause tingling and buzzing.  Low magnesium levels can affect the muscles and nervouse system.  It would be a easy thing to try.  1200mg calcium and 600 mg magnesium.  

Also, too many soft drinks can affect muscles.  The carbonation leaches the calcium out of your bones.  This deficiency doesn't readily show up in blood work because your body will pull calcium out of your bones in order to keep the levels where they need to be in your blood.  

Another thing is stress.  Are you ging through a stressful situation.

I'm not saying the two are not related.  It's very likely they are.  (Anemia and muscle problems)  But I think you should ask your dr. about B12 shots as well as the magnesium and calcium.

Hope this helps, Kara.  
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