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black n pink spots on legs and thighs

Hey Doc!!! Greetings for t day.

I'm a 29 yrs old Indian Woman. I've been in the U.S. since 2 yrs. I started getting these spots when I was pregnant in 2010 winter. So I first thought it was due winter, since I've not exposed to such cold weather.  But i still have them on my legs. No itching no pain just t rashes. The rashes are tiny n black in my legs (between ankle n knees), n pinkish on my thighs. Its disgusting to wear shorts. Thats my only problem. I've no other problem becoz of the rashes.  

Any idea if this is just kind of dry skin or due to pregnancy n delivery or really the Autoimmune Disorder?

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Well there are many rashes associated with pregnancy but most disappear after delivery. If the rash is persisting it can be a bruise. Deficiency of Vitamin B12, folic acid, or Vit K could be the cause. The other possibility is SLE. The rash can also be petechiae, which are pinpoint-sized red dots under the surface of the skin. They can result from autoimmune disorders, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, bone marrow disorders such as leukemia, inflammation of the veins, as a side effect of certain medications like birth control pills. Please discuss this with your doctor and show him the rash. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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Thank you very much Doc. I'll consult with my Doctor.
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