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i have calcification all over, in my shoulders my arms and thighs, I can feel lumps everywhere and very painful. my doctor says i have sclerdorma, raynauld's diseases etc.
does anyone have such calcification and is there a cure?????
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What physicians are seeing in people who have autoimmune diseases and other conditions such as fibromyalgia and CFS.. is that we have a low vitamin D level and a high vitamin D 1,25 hydroxy. IMO, this is due to vitamin D dysregulation due to intracellular bacteria. You can have symptoms of too much vitamin D (hypervitaminosis-D) in inflammatory diseases. According to the research therapy that I'm currently on.... symptoms of hypervitaminosis-D are:

· Calcium deposits in the kidneys, lungs, blood vessels, heart and other soft tissues
· High blood calcium levels
· Irregular heartbeat
· Seizures
· Nausea
· Vomiting
· Anorexia
· High blood pressure
· High cholesterol
· Magnesium deficiency
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