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exhauted and painfull

I have severe joint pain my skin hurts. Adema,I have abdominal cramps and headaches, cold sores. I lost alot  of hair and i  feel tired and sleepy all the time. I've had ear infection for over a month. i get leg cramps and shooting pain under my armpit to   breast. i feel so exhausted. and my eyes hurt i wear glasses and   my  vision seems more blury than when i got  my glasses 3 months ago. i've had these problems for over 5 years and they started getting severe so went to get checked the dr did put me on prednasone and checked for lupus, RA, thyroide, he said the test were negative > which is awsome but i still have all these problems ???   i have high blood pressure now and was put on medication for that !!!!!!!!!!. among other things are i can't long go  out in the sun  my face starts to burn and itch. i feels like i'm tired or just not getting enough rest even if sleep 8 or more  hours.   which is the best dr to see that can realy help figure out what is wrong any ideas???
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Have you been tested for Candidiasis and Candida Mycotoxins?
Some of the possible symptoms of this are:
  constipation,   diarrhea,colitis,  headaches,  
     memory loss,    bad breath,   impotence,  rectal itching,  
     mood swings,   prostatitis,  sore throat, abdominal pain,  
     canker sores,    persistent heartburn,     nagging cough,
     muscle and joint pain,  PMS,    adrenal problems,
     congestion,extreme fatigue,    hyperactivity,    acne
     vaginitis, night sweats,    dandruff,   severe itching,
     depression,arthritis,   hypothyroidism,  endometriosis
     kidney and bladder infections,  tingling sensations,
     numbness in the face or extremities,burning tongue,
     white spots on the tongue and in the mouth,     diabetes.
     bloating, gas    anxiety,   asthma,  respiratory illness
     blurred vision,  sugar cravings,  chronic dental problems
     concentration and short-term memory problems,   Autism
     extreme tightness in the shoulders and neck,    eye pain
     brown colored mucus in the back of the throat,
     an aversion to being touched,"crawling" skin"  
     hyper-acidity/acid reflux,  panic attacks,  mood swings
     difficulty swallowing and projectile vomiting,
     Fibromyalgia,  Diabetes,   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
     lactose and/or alcohol intolerance,    Schizophrenia.

  Some of the above will present their own subset of symptoms.
In other words, any symptom may manifest in people with Mycotoxins, a bi-product of Cadidiasis. There are about 80 types of Mycotoxins and many of them are very difficult to detect with standard tests.
It is a very vicious cycle,the longer these pathogens remain in the body, the more infections, the more damage to nerves and muscles and any part of the body and weakening of the immune system.
Most sufferers unfortunately never get out of it.
The good news is that this is treatable!
With a very specific protocol -strict and precise- one can make a complete recovery!
Ann Borock N.D. is someone who specializes in this area of health.
Just do a search.
The other possibility is pathogenic Mycoplasma Infection.
Most Doctors just cannot find this as it is Undetectable in most tests!
Again do a search for that as well. ( I have posted here and in the Fibro
Community pertinent info on mycoplasmas)
My advice does not constitute professional consultation.
Please post again if you have  any comments or questions.
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