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does anyone know how long can secondary fibro last, my rheumy says that my cervical fusion in march of this year has caused all my pain and fatigue due to it being the cause of this secondary fibro.
I did have a positive ana but the rheumy says he does not read much into ana tests.
I just wwant to know if this terrible fatigue and all over pain will go away soon, I am on pain meds and muscle relaxors and sleeping pills, that are not helping
also my fusion is not coming along as fast as the surgeon thought it would
Thanks bdm92
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Fibromyalgia can last forever. There are treatments and even possible cures out there (research protocols). Fatigue, dizziness and so many other symptoms are common in fibro patients and in fact, 29% of fibro patients have a positive ANA titer.

I hope that you will consider joining us on MedHelp's fibro/CFS board. I'm the Community Leader there.


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Hi there, ive had all the symptoms your suffering,  I recently found out it was from my muscle relaxers! You cant be on them for long other wise you can suffer from 'benzo withdrawal' which causes chronic muscle and joint pain, dizziness, etc!!! I was close to having a fusion until i got off the drugs!!!! Please look into what your taking!!! From a concerned person whom has been living in pain for many years!!!
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