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granulotomous disease

Looking for someone that is familiar with "Old granulomatous disease of the lung.  Other associated conditions/synptoms are:
3 mm densly calcified granuloma in the lateral right lower lobe of lung
azygos fissure and azygos lobe
linear atelectrasis or scarring in the left lower lobe of lung
a tumor or hemangioma on the liver
nodules on thyroid gland  one of which tested negative when biopsied
multiple obstructions in bowel resuling in 1 closed loop bowel surgery and 3 hospitalizations
a very large inquinal hernia about the size of a vollyball
constant back and forth diarrhea/constipation
Constant and persistant cough which is non productive but deep for about 1 year
Voice is very raspy
chronic acid reflux
repeated bouts of bronchitis treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics with little effect
infected and sore gums, with 6 teeth which had to be pulled due to decay.
swelling of the hands, ankles, and feet
anemia-diagnosed as pernicious at one point
b-12 dificiency
repeated blood work show high sed rate, high CRP, low sodium
low testosterone and progesterone-taking testosterone injections and progesterone/3 mo
     with no positive results.
Multiple abcesses around the anal area and inside of thighs
COPD- Have always tested poorly on the pulmonary tests since early adulthood
Sensitiviy from insect bites.  Numerous times resulting in cellulitis
Degenertive disc disease and some right dorsal scoliosis in the spine causing low back pain
Elevated blood glucose
numbness in both thighs of both legs
difficulty walking for more than 15 minutes
Hot sweats...not hot flashes
HPV with history of genital warts which have been surgically removed 2x.
Severe Narcolepsy
Severe Restless Leg syndrom

I am now 58 years old and have exhausted many doctors who have not been able to figure out the cause of all this.

I recently had a CT scan which diagnosed "old granulomatous disease"  I research chronic granulomatous disease and seem to have many of the symptoms.  I realsize it is rare and is genetic , most of which are diagnosed as children and usually present before adulthood.  However, I am desperate for an answer to what has caused all the disorders that I have before it is too late.  Much damage has already been done which is irreversible.  I have been sick this time for almost 1 month with constant /deep non productive cough,no energy, hot and sweaty, raspy voice.

I am hoping to get your opinion on this.  My GP dismissed the issue of granulomatous disease but referred me to a lung specialist which I am scheduled to see.  I can not seem to find a immunologist in my area other than under allergy.  Do you have recommendations for someone in the Tampa, Fl area?

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