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high wbc, rbc, segmented neutrophils, low lymphoctes

12 week pregnant blood test came back with everything normal except the following

WBC - 13.4
RBC - 5.6
Segmented Neutrophils - 81.8
Lymphocytes - 12.6

My doctor is out of the office today, what could this mean?
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Hi KellyRachel.

I understand your concern, but very little will change from now till you talk to your doctor tomorrow. Not to be excessively concerned though.
Your WCB at 13.4 is indicative of an inflammatory reaction  or to an infection(mild to moderate leukocytosis). The ranges given by Labs are statistical models based on average healthy populations and don't account for variables such as weight,geography, methodology, time of the day etc.
It is just slightly above the upper normal range.

The RBC is also  just slightly above the upper normal range and it could be explained easily by you being dehydrated or having excess RBC production.
There are other various causes for this as well.

The neutrophil count is slightly elevated and consistent with the inflammation/infection possibility, but further microscopic analysis and symptom evaluation is probably needed to verify anything.

Your lymphocyte count could be very acceptable, as many healthy
people are around that level.
Lab results should always be correlated with the clinical picture.
Please exercise some patience until you talk to your doctor.
Unwarranted "negative points of view" create unwanted stress.

Wishing you well.

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