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itching among other things

Anyone know of any autoimmune disease that causes severe itching, swelling, joint pain, severe fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, shaking, tremors, twitching (like someone with Parkinsons), abnormal blood tests, pain in flank area, now headaches, palsy's, always cold, night sweats, get flushing, red patches, fevers, high heart rate, low blood pressure, upper left quadrant pain, constipation, then sometimes incontinence, etc.  I'm almost 38 years old, please help.
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I know that MS(Multiple Sclerosis) and SLE(Lupus) can both cause those types of symptoms. Have you seen a Rheumatologist yet?
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Yes I have seen a Rheumatologist, but even though I have had two borderline positive ANAs and elevated CPR, amongt other positive tests, she says no.  Today I was told I have chronic EBV/CFS and an autonomic problem (he was non-specific about which one. I'm in complete tears and so hopeless right now.  I think the docs around here are blind and incompentent in the sense they just want to dismiss my abnormal tests because there are so many that are abnormal and I think they just have too many patients and if it isn't in there face forget it.  Doctors aren't what they use to be; they do not look for the Zebra in the horses.  I have  all the symptoms and cortisol tests for addisons but the stimulation test comes back ok, I have all the symptoms of lupus, MS, and Parkinsons, as well as dyautonomia and lymphoma, help!!

Thank you for responding and I'm frustrated because my mind is blah and I still don't know how to navigate this site.

So sad,

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Sorry to hear of your struggles.

I am on this forum because I am doing some checking for a younger collegue of mine at work who is suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis and was just told that it is advancing.

I am not very familiar with all of the various diagnosis that are of the Autoimmune family  (although I am the only non-diabetic in my family and am somewhat familiar with that Dx.) and not certain what all of the abreviations mean... but, I saw your post and wanted to offer my two cents on the matter.

I was wondering if you had been checked for early Menopause? Not sure what your reaction to that will be, but I will say that I have been researching this issue for about 7 1/2 years now and I am constantly amazed at the variances in When women go into Menopause (and Perimenopause) and also how severely they suffer (or not). I was thrown into surgical menopause when I was 47 after a radical hysterectomy (they took EVERYTHING)... but looking back, I had a ton of Perimenopausal symptoms that I wish I'd understood more completely. I think I could have saved myself future problems.

I agree with what I am gathering from your post is a frustration with the Medical community. I am certainly not Anti-doctor, but have had my share of frustration.

I am not a doctor.. just someone who likes to research (I have found some great help because of this). I have a suspicion that some of the problems like Fibromyalgia and such are related to a hormonal imbalance. So many of the symptoms you mentioned are related to Menopause. What caught my eye was the "itching" you mentioned. Who knew? right? And, at your young age, the possibility of early menopause might not be considered by many doctors.

Well, I have a profile but somehow much of the info in my profile was erased about two weeks ago. I have to redo the profile. In it I had mentioned some of my favorite books from which I have done much of my research. Christianne Northrup, MD was a lifesaver for me.... I like Dr. Erika Schwartz (or is that Erica... I have to check).... Women to Women was started by Northrup (who wrote Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause). I know that Dr. Elizabeth Vleit has tons of information on her website including info on Fibromyalgia.

I am seeing a new doctor in two weeks because I have been having more of the symptoms (again) that you mentioned and I feel that my current "hormone" doctor is not meeting my needs. But I have been using the Bioidentical hormones Estrogen, Progesterone (not Progestin) and Testosterone for years and they have been very helpful. But I currently think I am out of balance.

Good luck to you and I hope that some of this information has been helpful to you.

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I have most of these symptoms and have auto immune hepititis.  it is part of a cross ove syndrome as I also have primary billiary cirrosis.  If you log in to the British Liver Trust web side, they have sub themes and you can find allthe relevent information on there.  It is quite rare.
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Maybe CML...? How are your blood counts/platelets?
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I suggest you check into celiac disease, it can cause a host of seemingly unrelated issues, including rhuematoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroidits, neuropathy, on and on and on.  Easy fix though, stop eating wheat rye and barley!  You can get a blood test to see if you have the antibodies for gliaden, the protein in what gluten that causes the auto-immune reactions.
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