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ms diagnosis

my nurologist found focal white matter disease in the lower left part of my brain on a recent mri..is this a diagnosis of ms? i have severe joint and muscle pain throughout my body. i also have a titanium plate,rod and 2 screws in my neck located at c4 c5 c6. i was told i have degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. i have been experiencing the loss of muscle control in my legs and both my hands. also experiencing migrains and am unable to sleep through the night. when im done working i feel like my bones ache and have costant pain throughout my body all day everyday.if i had to rate my pain on a scale of 1-10 my pain is about a 7 cosistantly throughout the day. im currently taking vicodin and flexiril. i was on nuerontin and norteyptaline but side effects were too great. i felt like and had symptoms of a stroke and was told that ms symptoms and stroke symptoms sometimes mirror each other when an mri showed no change from the last one i had.
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Your doctor will probably have to do a spinal tap and check out the spinal fluid.  Dr. Swank has success with treating MS through diet.  You might want to check out his web site which supports his diet.  Paleo diet has also shown success with treating neurological diseases.  You can google the information if you are interested.
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There are a few auto-immune diseases which can show up as lesions in the brain.
Some being MS. Lupus. Bechets, APS. Sjorgens, Sarcoidosis, etc.

Your neurologist should run a full auto-immune blood panel. Along with a Lumbar Puncture, to check for MS, you need to have the spinal fluid for the O-bands.

Migraines and stroke symtoms, can also accompany Lupus, and APS, as they also give jointpain and muscle pain also.

Your neurologist, should offer you an LP to check for a definate diagnosis, as all these auto-immune disorders, have symptoms which overlap one another.

Good Luck
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