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need help figuring this out

for the last six months i have been having serious issues. I dislocate my joints very often break bones very easy i have severe headaches. fatigue muscle pain seziures i see spots memory issues i drop things for no reason hand eye cordination is off. irritability fainting nausea irregular menstrual cycles and a few other symptoms i dont know whats wrong and am scared to go see a dr. Idk my famlies medical history so i have no clue what could be wrong.
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The only thing you can do is see a dr for diagnosis and meds to make u feel better.  Without medical care things may get worse.  Good luck and I hope you will see a dr soon.
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Is it possible you could have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, or Ehlers-Danlos  Hypermobility Type III? Most doctors have no clue about this. Check out Dr. Brad Tinkle's Joint hypermobility Syndrome Handbook, if you think it fits your symptoms.
Can you think of any triggering event that happened to you six months ago?
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