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new non-specific symptoms with Vitiligo

40 yr old female.  Diagnosed with vitiligo 2 yrs ago.
Was told it was not associated with other autoimmune disorders, although I have since learned that it is sometimes.  Was given topical steroids.  No effect.  Spreading though mainly on hands and face still.

Since have developed new symptoms and other symptoms have gotten worse.  Not sure how to proceed.

Worsening symptoms:
Fatigue (now getting rather extreme, even after seemingly a long sleep).
Small (2 - 10 mm) red (non-itchy) flat, flaky or scaly patches on peripheral limbs (esp. legs) that do not respond to topicals of any kind.    Now appearing on face.
Lower back pain
GI dismobility (usually constipation despite lots fiber water and exercise), sometimes diarrhea.  
Also general abdominal discomfort (tender), sometimes more painful. (Was diagnosed “symptomatically” with endometriosis a number of years ago but nearly continual use of birth control pills control those symptoms very well.
Sleep disturbances.

New symptoms:
Leg pain (almost exclusively left side) sometimes with coldness of limb (verified by husband) followed by "release" to tingling "hot" sensation (like stepping into a hot shower after being in the cold).   This occurs always in left leg and is sometimes help by topical salicylates, such as myoflex or nuprin rubs.
Leg pain is sometimes accompanied by erthymas (rash like or "vascular" patterned); again left side.
General feeling of "illness" e.g.: tired, general muscle ache and muscle fatigue, intermittent sore throat, running nose and watery eyes - like I'm always fighting something off but it never gets very bad.
Occasional shortness of breath
Temperature dis-regulation (hot cold chills).

Increase of B12 seemed to help skin, muscle pain, erthymas and fatigue for a bit, but not as much anymore.  Also, I sero-converted for TB while working at a hospital about 12 years ago (pos skin test, neg chest X-ray, neg symptoms, 6 month antibiotic prophylaxis, no problem with it).

The symptoms are so wide spread and non-specific I really don’t know if there is anything else really wrong or if I should be worried.  Or if they could be associated with the vitiligo or another autoimmune problem.
What tests do I need?  What type of doctor should I go to?
Thanks for any advice.
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