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normal hormone levels but irregular periods, etc
please help!! i'm starting to feel like a hypercondriac!

Ive been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, mitral valve regurgitation and tricuspid regurgitation .
heart / digestive system problems, endometriosis, thyroid cancer, ms, lupus do run in my family.

these are some of my symptoms i've been having over the years!
some are new but just seems to be getting worst!

severe fatigue
muscle stiffness
muscle spasms (on both sides of body, rarely painful)
random body tics/jerks
severe migraines
joint/bone pain
memory issues
severe shortness of breath
random dizziness/lightheadness
weight gain and weight loss
random nausea (mainly while eating..)
eyes jerking/spasms (side to side) super fast and only last a few seconds.
random sharp shooting abdominal pain (above belly button and in ovaries)
hands randomly  become red, burns, and itches super bad!!  sometimes swell up!
heavy and irregular menstrual!!
it started when i was around 13 and first got my menstrual, i thought it was normal for a long time.
i wouldn't bleed for a few months (2-5) then i will bleed (severely) for 4-8 months none stop. (no joke)
i go threw a pad + tampon in an hour or two!! its insane. i get blood clots the size of my palm (2-4 inches around)
the pain is unbearable.. i can't even walk or stand up some days. (if i do i risk bleeding threw everything in just seconds.)
ive came close a few times to having a blood transfusion but got lucky with IVs .. i feel like i live in the ER during my menstrual..

i had surgery laparoscopy for endometriosis.  
only thing they found was that my lower intestine and rectum were red and inflamed. (i do get light rectal bleeding at times) ><
also that my lung collapsed 2 times during and my ovaries and uterus are on the big side but still in normal range.

sense then i've had thyroid and hormonal levels checked and all are normal!!!!!!
they are trying to put me back on birth-control pills but i've been on them for over 2 years and didnt help at all.
plus i'm at more of a risk with bloodclots cause of my heart valves.

i'm thinking about getting my ovaries removed at this point... it's so bad i've even lost jobs.
i really don't know what it could be... please any ideals would really help!

i know this is alot... i'm only 24 years old.
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i would like to add.. there has been times i got sharp shooting pains in just my right ear that i couldn't bare but was lucky it only last a second at a time.
i do get facial tingling, numbness, spasms between my eyes or behind my right eye.
there has been 2 times were it happen and i couldn't see out of JUST my right eye!
i don't know if this is related.. but really freaked me out.
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