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possible scleroderma......

  I know it's been awhile since i've posted during this time i've moved from New York back home to TN. I've seen many doctors here still trying to find a diagnosis. Back in june of 2012 i developed a very stiff and painful neck thought i slept on it wrong went on for 3 days finally my dr sent me for mri of neck showed cervical spondylosis. Also about 4 months ago i developed hard scaly skin on my big toe it doesn't hurt just very weird looking and no problems bending it so far.And i've been having weird burning sensations in my nipples almost like someone's holding a match under them. Tingling all over my back every day my legs and feet seems to fall asleep very easily. Here within last couple months having severe headaches with nausea that seems to last all day also i can always tell when the headaches will hit because when i go to sleep at night my neck hurts to the point were i can't sleep on a pillow i have to lay flat on the bed then the next morning it always hits like a ton of bricks. I've been seeing a rheumy here in Tn without doing any blood test just going off previous drs from New York test that he was ruling out lupus.He is sending me for mri of my brain and spine to rule out MS with all the burning and tingling sensations.I've read alot about Scleroderma and alot of my symptoms seem to point me in that direction i'm just scared that i'm not going to get a diagnosis in time. Please HELP in desperate need !!!!!!!
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Hey Kelly,

It seems that you're battling an undx'd condition for some time now.
Conventional medicine is really NOT structured to deal effectively with such complex situations, as you probably know, by now.

For practical purposes, let's leave the diagnosis aside, as trying to fit your symptoms in one medical label, is not leading to anything concrete so far.

A bottoms up approach may be more beneficial to you, at this point.

Genetic predispositions, environmental toxicity- heavy metals including
mercury containing dental fillings, artificial sugars, fluoride, chlorine, etc.
must be investigated and cleared!
Infectious conditions, underlying and dormant, once activated by a number of possible triggers, can create total havoc in the body.
"Molecular mimicry" is a process where the immune system attacks itself
(auto-immune disease) when the infectious pathogen's cells resemble
the host's cells.
Infectious agents like Mycoplasma, Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlchia, HHV-6
etc. must be ruled out!  See below* #3

I cannot stress enough the importance of the above potential factors or co-factors in systemic, degenerative and or autoimmune diseases.
It's generally the difference between remission or resolution and dx without
possibility of cure, no dx, or worse misdiagnosis!

So things to consider having done (not in any particular order):

1.  HLA panel to verify the body's ability to fight biotoxins.

2.  MV, EBV, HHV-6, HSV1 and HSV2 test with MDL labs

3. * Pathogenic infections such as  All Borrelia species- not just Borrelia Burgdoferi,Anaplasma phago­cytophilum, Babesia microti, Babesia duncani,Bartonella henselae, Bartonella quintana, Coxiella burnetii, Ehrlichia chaffeensis,Francisella tularensis, Mycoplasma fermentans, Icognitus and other Mycoplasma species, Rickettsia rickettsii, viruses such as HHV-6,nematodes. These are extremely difficult to detect!!!
Do a search her in medhelp for Dr. Garth Nicolson who is an expert in this field and was a contributor here a while back .
Best labs for these IGeneX Labs- the golden standard.
Best type of Doctor probably an LLMD. (sometimes hard to find in certain states)

4.  Stool analysis  for pathogenic bacteria, parasites, yeast, and levels of beneficial  bacteria, as well as  leaky gut syndrome.

5. Hypothyroid type1&2- just like diabetes, there's type 1 and type 2.
The vast majority of ENDOs do not look into type 2. Very common And easily missed!
Many A/I diseases are linked to low thyroid function.
Also T4 to T3 conversion might be impaired by certain A/I disease like Lupus

6. Heavy metals detoxification-removal of amalgam etc.

7. Deficiencies. Tissue magnesium-not blood magnesium!
Glutathione, Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, vitamins B complex (B12 supplement with methylcobalamin only, NOT Cyano-cobalamin as it neurotoxic over time!) D3, C, E, Neurotransmitters.

8. Comprehensive metabolic profile for organ integrity evaluation as well as fluids and electrolytes.

9. Do Dr. Coca's Pulse test -free download- for allergies/sensitivities/intolerance regarding anything ingested.
Food allergies can contribute further to A/I disease.

10. Complete hormonal panel to rule out any hormonal/adrenal issues.
Any possible such issues must be treated BEFORE thyroid issues!

Sorry for the long list, but honestly, most of  your answers are within the above suggestions and most Doctors will not approach these areas!

You are quite young and you can have a long and healthy life ahead of you!
There's no need to suffer like this forever.
Anything questions you may have, any details or any comments you wish to make, please post again, or you may PM me any time.
Wish you well!
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