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possible sjogrens?

my eyes dnt produce tears anymore (havnt cried in years, dnt cry when i cut an onion). my mouth is dry. i seem 2 get oral thrush when i go down on this one girl who has problems with yeast infections but as far as i know i am not HIV+. my penis is usually dry too and i need lots of lubrication or lubricated condoms for sex to be good. my knees and ankles and sometimes hips are often sore, especially in the winter, even tho i am only 25 yrs old. could i have sjogren's or some other autoimmune disorder? how could i find out or get tested or treat it?
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Hi h31pm3nao.

Your dry eye (xerophthalmia) and dry mouth (xerostomia) symptoms-
my Greek and Medical terminology background help!- are typical symptoms of Sjögren's syndrome, which can be diagnosed by a Rheumatologist, but it is not an easy nor a fast diagnosis by any means.
It usually requires a number of tests, medical history,clinical examinations and ... a lot of patience!

You need to rule out oral Candidiasis and Candida (yeast infection) in general, as well as STDs, specially, if having sex with different people, which increases your risks.
Any excessive alcohol consumption, improper diet high in sugars & starches , antibiotic treatments, stress etc. are contributing factors in fungal/yeast infections.

Hope this helps, however, my suggestions are not to be considered as substitute to medical advice.

Best wishes.
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