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postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome? metoprolol potassium HELP!

I'm a 17 yr male fighting some sort of illness doctors cant find anything wrong with me having upright tachycardia dizzy spells chest pain palpitations body flushing pooling blood in legs sometimes hands hot flashes cold hands and feet my dads has raynaud's i thing he passed down i lost 20 pounds i gain 10 back loss of appetite red eyes dry mouth muscle twitches back pain arm pain rarely head ache rarely and much more im been on metoprolol it scares me because it can rise potassium im going to ask my doctor to wean me off it im scared to eat a banana thats how bad it is my doctor doesnt thing it pots because he said only 12-14 yr old get it how ridiculous i almost just walk out im was flushing over stimulated with anger over stimulated know nothing about pots not saying i have it my endocrinologist told me to see a neurologist because he thinks its pots also my grandma does she was a nurse what should i do im be dealing with this for 6 month
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Google autonomic neuropathy . pots syndrome
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You can do a trial of transdermal magnesium chloride, every other day, for 3 months.
For optimizing your circulation, you may try Nitric Oxide supplements or Arginine powder.
Do you know exactly why you're on Metoproplol?
Have you ruled out nutritional deficiencies, like Co- Q10, Methylocobalamin B12, Vitamin D, etc.?
Do you know your heart rate increase within 10 minutes of assuming an upright position?
That's a key symptom in POTS and the baseline number is
30 bpm.
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