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puzzled at labs
Hi there,
I will make this as simple and short as possible....
1999 I had a positive ANA at 1:80 speckled and a positive anti DNA of 3.7 (anything over 3.5 was highly indicative of SLE)
normal c3 c4
neg sed rate & negative RFactor, normal CRP
I have pernicious anemia

in 2005 was dx with hashimotos

fast forward to today 2013
positive ANA 1:320 speckled
C3 normal
C4 elevated at 0.59 range is 0.10-0.50
CK muscle elevated at 270 normal is <200
NEGATIVE extractable nuclear antibodies
TSH LOW at 0.26  range is 0.27-4.2 while on 175 mg of synthroid and 25mg of cytomel
LOW vitamin D at 60 range is 75-150
MCV 81  range 82-98
MCH 26.7  range 27.5-33.5
RDW 15.3%  range 11.5-14.5

all other labs normal

symptoms are fatigue, hair loss, stiff joints, mood swings, irregular menstruation....

My GP feels my CK muscle is high as I am in training for a half marathon and doing intense boot camps 3x pre week.

My question is this, Lupus dx??
and why would my anti DNA be soooo positive 15 yrs ago and negative today??

thanks soooo much in advance :-)

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I can understand your concerns over the lab. While high antidsDNA antibodies confirm lupus, they may or may not be present during less active stage. So maybe you have less active lupus stage now. Also, if antidsDNA is negative or equivocal, this test should be repeated after a gap of 2-3 weeks.
Also you must get serum iron, iron % saturation tested as your MCH, MCV etc are slightly out of range. Since TSH is low, the medication needs to be slightly adjusted. Also get tested for polycystic ovary as you have irregular menstruation. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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Hi Leona.

You may want to read my reply to crisyou5 2 days ago.

Unfortunately, I suspect that your Hashis treatment has not been effective
-which is notoriously common- and because of it's likely systemic effect on various organs and bodily systems it has led to probable Lupus, which as I
mentioned in my reply  to crisyou5, must be diagnosed by a rheumatologist
by verifying that a minimum 4 out of the 11 diagnostic criteria for Lupus are met.

A few additional things that I would suggest you look into are the following:

1. Free T3 and reverse T3 levels. Also Natural desiccated thyroid vs Synthroid.

2. Adrenal fatigue (which, if present must be treated before thyroid dysfunction is treated! Checkout Dr. Lam's adrenal fatigue website.
Very informative!

3. B12 "normal" ranges in Canada/USA vs "normal" ranges in  Europe  and type of cobalamin. Methyl-cobalamin vs Cyano-cobalamin.
This in connection to your PA.

4. Gluten sensitivity (not necessarily or just digestive issues) as a possible
source of your health problems. Cyrex Labs has some good info in their website. This in regards to Hashimoto's.
The gluten molecules-specially from gmo grains- resemble the TPO molecules (Thyroid Peroxidase - an enzyme necessary for the signalling Thyroid hormone production)  and thus the immune system in its response against gluten, attacks the TPO in the Thyroid also!

5. Betaine Hcl challenge test for stomach lining integrity and low gastric acid levels. Also baking soda "burp" test for low gastric acid.
This in relation to low intrinsic factor, vital for B12.

Here's my ultimate suggestion, which may simplify things.
If the effects of your conditions are not severe and there's no irreversible damage, an N.D or Holistic M.D.,may be able to guide you back to substantially improved health.

All of my above suggestions, might be frowned upon by conventional doctors, as they're not within the scope of "established" medical procedures for diagnosis and treatment.
And this is why you may be still in limbo.
You may post again here or message me directly if you need any details.

Please note that this reflects my opinion only and it is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes

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