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sensitivity to lights

I am hypothyroid and for the last 6 months I suffer terribly from sunlight but even lights inside. Wearing sunglasses inside most of time too. Anyone know if this is auto immune or something else.
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It's most likely your sensitivity to light is due to hyperthyroidism. That was one of my listed reasons - Hashitoxicosis. I'll send you a few articles. :)
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H Maylise. Welcome to the forum.

You don't need to go too far.
Likely your hypothyroidism is directly or indirectly linked to you eye issues.
Hypothyroidism affects ALL the cells of the body and consequently
any part, any organ and any system of the body.
Naturally, the weaker areas are the first to get the effects, so it is
IMPERATIVE to get diagnosed early, treated properly and monitored frequently!!!
Unfortunately, the majority of Thyroid dysfunction sufferers are NOT.
On top of being a very complex field in medicine, the diagnostic/testing
methods and therefore treatment protocols are extremely flawed and ineffective.
Like Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, there is the possibility of  Thyroid Type 1 (can’t create it) and Type 2 (can’t assimilate it, resistance). Sometimes it is also referred  as  endo-endocrine and exo-endocrine hypothyroid.
About 95% of patients are type 2 and most are left undiagnosed and untreated, with the vast majority misdiagnosed and "mistreated" lol!
I'm not implying it's funny. This is peoples Life!

Eye symptoms related to hypothyroid:

Poor focusing,Double vision,Dry eyes,Gritty eyes,Achy eyes
Blurred vision,Heavy eyelids,Sensitive to light,Frequent tics in the eyes
Spasms of the eyelids,Bulging of the eyeballs
Red inflamed eyes,Dark rings under eyes
Puffiness around the eyes,Rapidly shifting gaze making you feel dizzy
Problems with night vision,Glaucoma,Cataracts

Autoimmune or Endocrine conditions related to hypothyroidism:

Celiac disease,Type 1 Diabetes,Type 2 Diabetes
Insulin Resistance,Addison’s disease,Cushing’s disease
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS),Premature ovarian decline
Premature ovarian failure,Alopecia,Reynaud’s syndrome
Sjögren’s syndrome,Chronic fatigue syndrome,Fibromyalgia
Rheumatoid arthritis,Systemic lupus erythematosus
Multiple sclerosis,Sarcoidosis,Scleroderma

If you were to do Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test on your own, you'll be able to verify if your treatment is working well and you can also monitor it over time this way. If doctors were all checking and  treating low thyroid like this  and also according to the patients symptoms -instead of treating according to lab results- there would be a lot less suffering.
Just do a search for it, but please, should you decide to do this simple test, do it exactly as per instructions.

If you need any details, you may post again, or you may pm me any time.

Note, this is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Love &Light
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I've had light sensitivity due to untreated autoimmune pernicious anaemia, Hashitoxicosis, Severe magnesium deficiency, Adrenal insufficiency.

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Thank you
I have been hypothyroid for nearly 40 years....been treated with synthroyd and it's been working well. Until a year ago when I became hyper thyroid.It worked itself out and I was fine again. But in march this year I became hyper again and I had the most awful symptoms...blood pressure extremely high.flulike symptoms nausea and balance problems plus the sensitivity to lights.GP took me of the synthroid for a month and now the thyroid is barely functioning at all. I've also had extreme anxiety and depression from both hyper and hypo thyroid. Back on meds now for a month but still feeling so sick.Just don't know what to do. No anxiety meds.
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Thank You
My blood test was ok apart from the thyroid. But wasn't tested for magnesium. If I was anemic or had low magnesium would it show up in a normal blood test? my GP didn't seem concerned anyway. My vitamin D levels are 20 and they are pretty low but don't know if it could cause light sensitivity.
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Magnesium to be tested is tissue magnesium, not in the blood as there's a mechanism that keeps the mg blood levels at 1%-1.5%
Tissue or hair analysis for minerals is what you need.
Also tissue selenium is of importance for thyroid function.

If you do the temperature test, you will know about you thyroid function.
Something is not right. Could be adrenals, which have to be checked and corrected before the thyroid. How is your cortisol ? You may want to ask your doctor for a small dose cortisol challenge, if he/she is open for this, to see if your thyroid function improves.

Best wishes.
Love & light

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