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sjogrens and plaquenil

Anyone with sjogrens on plaquenil?

Please share all the good bad and ugly: side effects, how helpful or unhelpful
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Hi heljell.

You may consider visiting the Ask a Patient website for  a great number of responses with all the details you're interested in and more, all nicely categorized.

I must bring to your attention that it starts with male responses, so I don't know whether this is significant or not in your investigation.

There are also a lot of other variables to consider, such as age, gender, dosage, how long on Plaquenil , other meds, other co-exisiting conditions, severity and number of side effects considering the individual's tolerance levels and own risk/benefit ratio, generic vs original and others.

From my fast observation, I noticed that responses varied form excellent
to "I hate this drug"! and everything in between and  from very few or no side effects, to serious and significant ones.

What my concern would be with prolonged treatment, is that if
there are any long term consequences, they won't not be easily attributed to the Plaquenil when the effects are very gradual over time.
So it would be safe to say that it would be the same as any unpreventable

Best wishes.

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I have Sjogren's and am on Plaquenil. I have been on Plaquenil for about 8 years. I have been fortunate, have had no side effects to speak of. I also have Hashimoto's, Reynaud's and fibromyalgia. I was on prednisone for a year, did not like the weight gain. I know that some people experience side effects, but I have not. The plaquenil keeps my autoimmune issues mostly under control, I don't even want to contemplate life without plaquenil.
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From my searches, I have read that Sjorens is a sign of Magnesium deficiency, I wish to direct you to searching on Magnesium for Sjogren's.

If you are experiencing dry eyes with this condition,
Cold expressed Castor oil will help with the dryness. Edgar Cayce was a psychic healer in the 20th century and this is his treatment and it works.
Only use Cold Expressed Castor oil 1-2 drops to the eye or what I do is
apply it to the upper and lower eyelids once a day. Nice side effect -is that  It also will diminish eye bags.. :0
Nutrition is healthier form of treatment and it leads to cure... as compared to using medications that only treats the symptoms.
Magnesium could be used concurrently with your treatment .. till hopefully you don't need it anymore.
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