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swelling, numbness and inflammation

I have suddently had swollen wrists, and numbness in them about 5 months ago.  My left arm and hand are the worst, and numbness usually will stop when I get upright.  Had bloods tests for rheumatoid, but negative.  Dr sent me to an EMG, and those tests showed inflammation, or circulation problems (not sure how they analyzed it) in both, but more in the left arm and hand.

Went to a hand DR and he did xrays, and said he thought problems were really in my back and neck and needed a physical therapist.  During all of this, my ankles start swelling, and they do that off and on.  Have not pinpointed anything i specifically did when that would happen.  I expect it is related, but not sure.  Went to a physical therapist, and she worked on me twice, and said I was very tight, but then my insurance wouldn't pay, so had to stop.

Now, I need to go to a Rheumatoid Dr I guess, to see if I can get any answers.  I have been on prednisone the whole time, and it helps quite a bit, but doesn't do anything for my ankles.  I know it makes me gain weight, so i can't lose anything, and that is frustrating.  Also, the bumps on my hands, near my wrists, are still there and won't go away no matter what I do or take.  Really lost at this point.  Just don't feel it is arthritis, but not sure what type of Dr to go through.  

Any suggestions,

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