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swelling and severe joint pain

My fiance is having problems.  He started with severe pain in his right foot and slight swelling.  He had an xray on his foot and it came back fine.  It has been two weeks and now both feet are swollen severely and he is having severe joint pain in toes, ankles, knees, wrist, elbows and fingers.  He also has hard red lumps show up on legs, right hand and feet along with red hot patches on feet.  He is complaining of his feet and legs tender to touch and a warm burning sensation on skin when touched. Also he said his feet are itching.  He can barely walk and is in tears at this point.  We have been to the emergency room and the doctors.  The keep saying it a autoimmunie disease but arent sure which because all of his blood work keeps coming back normal.  He has a family hiatory of kidney disease.  Hos mother has stage 4.  He also experienced kodney failure twice a few years ago due to dehydration.  He has recently passed kidney stones about four weeks ago.  He is 5'9" 260lbs. Built muscular.  He has been tested for Std's and they came back normal.  Please help!
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I had basically the same thing happen recently (see profile). I had positive ANA (1:320).  I'm on methotrexate (prednisone first) and learning to walk again.  I'd like to know how he has gotten along since June.
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