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symptoms of my 13 yo son

I'm trying to see if his symptoms fit any autoimmune disorder.  He is 13 now.  Background:  Age 5 doctor said he has psoriasis because of peely, scabby, oozy skin on his legs and arms that went away after 2 years.  Age 7 developed vittiligo (spots without pigment) on his belly and sides that grows bigger as he grows.  Age 9 sudden change at school after always doing well.  He couldn't focus and had no concentration and still is that way.  Doctor said he has ADHD and gave him Adderall which he still takes.  He is the opposite of hyper, sleeps a lot and seems almost lethargic to me sometimes.  He is failing school now because he can't concentrate.  Age 11 started being "allergic to the cold".  Two years ago he went outside in the cold and came back in with hives all over his body and his hands, feet and face were so swollen he looked like a cartoon of himself.  This only happens in cold weather, not in the summer.  Doctor sent him to allergist, said he is allergic to our cat.  I kept him inside for 4 days with the cat, no crazy symptoms at all.  Next day I told him to walk around the block in the cold, he came back in with hives and swelling.  This has been going on for 2 years and happens whether at home, school or across town.  Doctor gave him Singular at night, Zyrtec in morning, Benadryl everyday, gave me 2 EpiPens and called me a bad mother for not getting rid of my cat, he says it is not cause by the cold.  I started taking pictures and begging for bloodwork which he finally got last week.  He has thyroid antibodies "through the roof", very high tsh and high t4.  Doctor took more blood to confirm it cause it was so high.  Doctor says thyroid would not cause his crazy "allergic to cold" symptoms.  My son is also very grown for 13 in my opinion, 5'8" and had to start shaving at age 12.  Trying to piece it all together or am I just a crazy mom?  Thanks!
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Well, not sure whether this is autoimmune or not but your son definitely needs to consult an endocrine specialist. Just like his TSH, T4 and thyroid antibodies are high, maybe he has high growth hormone and high androgens, sex hormones and cortisol. This could be a multiple endocrine excess function disorder, which if had autoimmune origin would have caused the glands to function less and not more. Please try to get a referral to an endocrinologist. Hope this helps. Take care!

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