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Ankylosing Spondylitis

Does anyone have Ankylosing Spondylitis?  I have suffered with the disease and related symptoms for over 30 years.  My daughter who was 30 died of the comlications of this diesease three years ago.  
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Hi!  I saw your post and i found it very similar to mine.  I am 35 yrs now, found out about my AS at 32 with a positive genetic marker in my blood (HLA-B27).  Prior to that, doctors did not know what to do with my symptoms so they took my uterus out (abdominal hysterectomy).  I have tried Enbrel injections but that did not work.  I am on chemo/infusions every six weeks for over 1 year now at the highest dose possible (i believe at 900mg) and it helps only for a week or two.  
My flare ups are so bad that my rheumatologist put me on Prednisone (steroid) as well at 25mg a day, it worked so good but after a month I am back to flare ups (fevers, pain in my pelvic joint, SI joints, right ankle joint, shoulders).

I saw you got better, PLEASE tell me how and what you did to stop the madness.   It gets so bad for me that i don't have a desire to live any more :(  I have been having those fevers non stop for three to four months now.  As soon as fever starts, about 20 minutes after the pain comes in.  Fevers come in about three to four times a day.
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Try posting in the arthritis forum.  I know we have some members there with that.
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