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Auto-immune? Or something else

Sorry this may be long, but trying to figure out what is up to seek proper help.

So initially I thought I might had contracted an std from unprotected oral, but two trips to a doctor who dismissed the idea and two chlamydia and ghonnorea negative test I had moved passed it.

I recently did labs for a wellness check. Including inflammation panel and A1C. All normal ranges, except vitamin D is a little low and my blood pressure is high.

Symptoms vary, but will start with most pressing.
Joint pain without noticeable swelling. Mainly in my elbows with left side worse than right. Sometimes pain in shoulders and wrist as well.

Neck pain at the top of the neck, does come and go some but pretty persistent. Cause a weird headache like feeling in the back of the head.

Pretty consistent tinnitus severity ranges between just there to annoying but not unbearable.

Had a bout of uveitis in the eye last year, but cleared, from time to time my left eye still hurts and gets red with blurry vision when trying to read. Just had my annual eye appointment and doc said great eye health, just use readers.

About a month ago I got a red blister/lesion like thing in right elbow. I thought ringworm at first, but was smaller and didn’t quite look like it. It didn’t itch or really hurt unless you touched it. Was small red about the size of a pencil eraser. The proceeded right elbow pain.

My feet seem to fall asleep easy. The began to tingle and sometimes hot feeling when I prop my feet up from a seate position. And my legs have strange feelings usually at night when going to bed.

Anyways was wondering if anyone had suggestions. Seeing as all my labs are pretty normal and doctors and nurses that I have seen seem to think I don’t have any kind of infections/illnesses.
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Have you ever been checked for chiari malformation?
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