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Concerned about ANA 1:640

My ANA just came back at 1:640 which my doctor said was "very positive". Waiting to see the rheumatologist. I am a 40 yr female of av. weight, eat well and exercise frequently. I have autoimmune hypothyroidism which is treated with 88mcg Levothyroxine & 15-20mcg Cytomel. Could this cause a high ANA? Over the past year, I have had a lot of swallowing/ esophageal issues, off and on rashes (doesn’t look lupus like on neck, arms and torso), undiagnosed shooting chest pains (being treated as esophageal spasms), GERD, fatigue, Asthma (which I never had before), frequent low fever, periodic shooting pain and aches in hands and feet, occasional allodynia on arms, vertigo and periodic off/ dizzy feeling. 10/2011 ANA 1:40. 2/2012 negative along with a whole bunch if lupus and scleroderma tests ( Aniti-centromere, Anti-DNA, Anti-Jo-1, Antichromatin, Antiscleroderma-70 all 19)
Phospolipid IgM 3.5 MPL, (range =>10)
RF  IgG 5.3 EU/ml, (range neg<20)
RF  IgA 6.1 EU/ml, (range neg <20)
RF  IgM 6.8 IU/ml, (range neg < 7, borderline 7-9)
CIC 19.1 EU/ml, (range neg <20, borderline 20-25)
Collagen Type II 12.4 EU/ml, (range neg<20)
68kD (hsp70)- neg
Protein Zero- neg
The ANA was positive 1:640 & speckled
ANA (mouse kidney) positive 1:80 & speckled
Concerned about high ANA & that my blood has antibodies & etc that should not be there. Some close to borderline. What is the difference with the mouse kidney and why does is show a lower titer than other ANA test? Any thoughts about what might be going on and questions I should consider when I finally see the Rheumatologist?

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It’s extremely unlikely that your use of thyroid replacement is causing your high ANA problem.  The ANA test is a sign that an autoimmune response is taking place, and these can be restricted to one or more organs, but more commonly it is systemic (system-wide).  

Thus the presence of asthma, esophageal problems, low-grade fevers, vertigo and dizziness, shooting pain, etc. all suggest a systemic problem, and that could be a systemic, chronic infection(s).  

I suggest that you consider Mycoplasma species or Chlamydia pneumoniae as possible chronic infections.
Prof. Nicolson
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Look up info on Dermatomyositis.  I think that might be a strong possibility to what you are experiencing.
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